‘Subros’ 500 HP Subaru WRX STi – One Take

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This 2012 Subaru STI makes Five Hundred horsepower. That is all you really need to know about it – it’s the most powerful STI I’ve driven. Shayne of the “SuBros” YouTube channel brought it down to have a go.


Check it out on Wheelwell!

19 thoughts on “‘Subros’ 500 HP Subaru WRX STi – One Take

  1. Zelo says:

    I plan on getting a 04 Subaru in the future once i get tired of my current project car and i really want mine to sound like this but i have no idea what waste gate that is. Can someone help me out with what brand?

  2. yo thats my guy SHAYNE S/O SHAYNE

  3. Avantii7 says:

    hold the fuck up… first off.. is that a 50th anniversary ed green bezel and black rolex oyster date?

  4. This guy hates Subarus

  5. Von Sterner says:

    I can see the flat bill from here! Lmao!

  6. Von Sterner says:

    I love the idea of a 500 whp sti wagon, but that exhaust is too loud.

  7. kabardinkus says:

    need 0-100 times and quarter mile

  8. Mike Honcho says:

    this is the guy who's dad drives it and loses his shit right?

  9. Nick Herrera says:

    when u accidentaly send a dick pick to your parents groupchat

  10. Mat Nowak says:

    Subaru drivers have small dicks. Fact

  11. Bad Bytes says:

    He should sell Wype before every video. I need to wipe alot

  12. nice sweet ride

  13. Wtf this sounds on 3:32

  14. Oh Pulse says:

    how can you say it has awful sounds? it sounds like a monster

  15. This is the car with the mom that was like Stop It Shayne It's Not Funny! lol

  16. Acura Integra Type R.

  17. Kentx51 says:

    You sound like you don't like Subaru (from the start).

  18. This car sounds so amazing, mighty loud but its music to the ears

  19. I wish I could borrow this car and take it to school just to shut up the shit talkers that hate subaru at my school

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