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The Ferrari Enzo, Two Ferrari F50 s, Bugatti EB110ss, Rolls Royce Phantom II and the upcoming Jaguar XJ220…
TaxTheRich – Bringing you Supercar footage in the most unlikely manner!

38 thoughts on “Tax The Rich Trailer

  1. Your a peice of shit

  2. As long as i see no jdm, im subscribed.

  3. Matei Chis says:

    I think this guy it's a cound of how to basic but in petrolhead version

    If you agree my opinion leave a like

  4. Volkan Er says:

    Your movies is fucking cool and nice and profecional. Ceep going my brother

  5. at 0:16 the eagle has his lucky day

  6. S G says:

    Channel name?

  7. hmmm my Kia does it 2

  8. rjjello says:

    seeing all these ppl comment "this is how u use this car" smh and im not seeing anybody complaining

  9. Does daddy know your doing this with his car collection?

    Or has daddy left you and your 55 year old mother for the foreign receptionist at his Law Firm?

    Or did your rich step father who molested you pass away and you inherit all of his toys?

    Please spill the beans?

    Btw I have a baggy foreskin.

  10. LeStev says:

    tax the rich.. what is this, scandinavia simulator? But with cars, no one in scandinavia actually can afford. I call hypocrisy.

  11. SWATTY says:

    I swear this guy is a legend

  12. If you have all of that money just go to a race track.

  13. James Stunt owns and trashes these cars and finacial experts say "no evidence of wrongdoing" however sources I actually know from the FCA says hes a con!

  14. the best cars in one video!!

  15. Miles James says:

    what a legend

  16. Are you the result of an unholy union between Jeremy Clarkson and Jesus Christ ?

  17. Bahahahahahaha!!!!! James Stunt doesn't give a Fuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkk!!!

  18. Daniel says:

    I would be driving these cars around naked. I have not got a car, but if I did I would be the best car owner in the world

  19. Mocking69 says:


  20. MaxMACHIVE says:

    That's the way these babies were meant to be driven. Waiting for the LaFerrari edition

  21. God has fulfilled something in me that's what I feel now

  22. Fuck this guy

  23. ROY KING says:

    I love u

  24. ов је супер

  25. ова је песма супер

  26. codejunki567 says:

    Seriously an Enzo on a fucking dirt road? Only so many of these cars will ever be made, what a piece of shit.

  27. I AM brain tased….I thought I would never EVER see what I saw in this movie…I truly support using super macchinas on daily basis… to work / grocery /etc…but what you guys did was C.R.A.Z.Y……. I guess in the next 10 -20 years we gonna see more and more movies like this, since the super cars are lasting more and more!!!! NICE JOB

  28. Monju Monzo says:

    0(:3 )〜 ('、3」 ∠ )

  29. ktm3009v says:

    People always get pissed when they see others spending money they personally don't have on things they can never afford. It is your car to do with as you please.

  30. Zachary Lew says:

    This jest breaks my heart, these cars are worth millions and are being abused this is not how you treat cars like this. At least go fuck around with cars that aren't as special as these ones.

  31. rdymond1 says:

    Hilarious to see all the comments. How much do you think people spend racing GT cup cars, or the lambo circuit, or perhaps owning an aircraft? It costs a minimum of $300k USD for one car to compete in Paris to Dakar, lots more to win. Given the number of views I am sure this youtube channel could pay for repairs with advertising.

  32. I use to get upset watching your videos, then I dated a girl who worked at a Ferrari dealer for a while. After seeing the snobbery and douche baggery of the typical Ferrari owner, I get it now. I commend you and encourage you to drive the sh*t out of these cars. Typical Ferrari owners don't buy these cars to use them for what they were designed to do. Most of these street legal race cars never burn a tire in anger its whole life. Most, if not all, get driven to Con Course events at posh country clubs and sit in the grass all day just to be driven gingerly home and tucked away until the next fat cat hob nob event. Ridiculous.

    Ferrari's and their owners are a joke. These cars are meant to be driven, and driven hard. Sure, these videos are to the extreme but they are a big middle finger to the status quo. So please… keep driving the hell out of these cars.

    Signed: Your new fan.

  33. AjackLee4 says:

    As long as he cleans and maintains them well, driving like this is fine…

  34. Khalid says:

    Now this is how you use a car! One of the best Youtube trailers I have seen. Subbed.

  35. gg says:


  36. That jag is amazing.only 281 were made. One of the best cars of England's car history.

  37. God I love this channel

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