Teaser: RCR New Zealand

The teaser video for the upcoming season: “Regular Car Reviews: New Zealand.” Thank you to our hosts! Check them out at AutomationGame.com


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39 thoughts on “Teaser: RCR New Zealand

  1. Rudster says:

    Wish I could have come to the Auckland meet. Had the car, had the time. But sadly had pretty major surgery a few days before. I guess sometimes it just doesn't work out

  2. James Neally says:

    I bought automation like 6 years ago is it still pre release?

  3. What the fuck happened with your dumb intern

  4. Newtype 0085 says:

    Hunter S. Swampson

  5. Bloo Subruuu says:

    I'm sad I missed out on this.

  6. Grant McLeod says:

    I hope your saving all the Aussie built cars for a future Australia tour…

  7. Cant wait to see the 90's JDM Nismo's.

  8. Good stuff, almost

  9. It is a shame you couldn't do the same in Uk :( But can't wait to see this !


  11. I really love this. It's time for an adventure!

  12. Joseph Woda says:

    Looks like an amazing trip can’t wait to see vids!

  13. Doug Peck says:

    I SEE THAT EIGTH GEN GALANT IN "ANTICS" and I am suitably excited

  14. pbfloyd13 says:

    But did you review a hobbit?

  15. Can't wait for some down under reg cars!

  16. TwinSpinner says:

    My penis can only get SO erect

  17. If I just go into a coma for the next two months i can come back to a ton of RCR

  18. Dungzoo says:

    I see a free spirited woman for 1 second and I hit like.

  19. Eric Blatz says:

    I miss the 4 am uploads

  20. Savage level says:

    i live in nz

  21. Long_Way says:

    Damn, never knew my nigga roman had a 5 head

  22. Adam N says:

    Woohoooo. Gonna see some Australian cars. Current Toyota Highlander/Kluger has a beasty V6.

  23. beans says:

    you might have something here…..remember the miata video

  24. Nick Wood says:

    come to waimate i got couple cars for you to review both are regular cars :)

  25. J Grif says:

    of course your producer is a jew

  26. This is awesome! I wish I was living back in NZ when you filmed this.

    Reminds me of The Smoking Tire NZ, also sponsored by the good fella's at Automation.

  27. Jake Kaywell says:

    Would you mind if you made a video concerning all of the U.S. "Independents" rises and inevitable falls (by this I mean AMC, Hudson, Nash, Studebaker, Packard, Kaiser, and Willys)? It would be extremely interesting for all of us here I'm sure.

  28. I missed your videos Soo much lol only good thing about Mondays to me

  29. FezClone says:


  30. Thomas Myers says:


  31. acedotcom says:

    hey motherfuckers, when a you going to do another real car stories AND tell us about the new camera car?

  32. wiseoracle says:

    An Ad for a 1 minute clip. Awesome.

  33. RT Arcand says:

    This is better than Top Gear.

  34. Pedro Seba says:


  35. zorth42 says:

    So there actually making content ?

  36. I wonder when was the last time that somebody used the phrase "rotational inertia" on a playground.

  37. the last part has everything I want from a RCR video

  38. Basil says:

    oh boi oh boi oh boi oh boi

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