Teaser: RCR New Zealand

The teaser video for the upcoming season: “Regular Car Reviews: New Zealand.” Thank you to our hosts! Check them out at AutomationGame.com


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  1. Post By Rudster

    Wish I could have come to the Auckland meet. Had the car, had the time. But sadly had pretty major surgery a few days before. I guess sometimes it just doesn't work out

  2. Post By James Neally

    I bought automation like 6 years ago is it still pre release?

  3. Post By Univer3eTwist3ers

    What the fuck happened with your dumb intern

  4. Post By Newtype 0085

    Hunter S. Swampson

  5. Post By Bloo Subruuu

    I'm sad I missed out on this.

  6. Post By Grant McLeod

    I hope your saving all the Aussie built cars for a future Australia tour…

  7. Post By Adithya Ramachandran

    Cant wait to see the 90's JDM Nismo's.

  8. Post By David Prosper

    Good stuff, almost

  9. Post By Julien Mahiels

    It is a shame you couldn't do the same in Uk :( But can't wait to see this !

  10. Post By Royann Greenwood


  11. Post By mitchell duchesne

    I really love this. It's time for an adventure!

  12. Post By Joseph Woda

    Looks like an amazing trip can’t wait to see vids!

  13. Post By Doug Peck

    I SEE THAT EIGTH GEN GALANT IN "ANTICS" and I am suitably excited

  14. Post By pbfloyd13

    But did you review a hobbit?

  15. Post By Christian Boyd

    Can't wait for some down under reg cars!

  16. Post By TwinSpinner

    My penis can only get SO erect

  17. Post By Classic Pinball

    If I just go into a coma for the next two months i can come back to a ton of RCR

  18. Post By Dungzoo

    I see a free spirited woman for 1 second and I hit like.

  19. Post By Eric Blatz

    I miss the 4 am uploads

  20. Post By Savage level

    i live in nz

  21. Post By Long_Way

    Damn, never knew my nigga roman had a 5 head

  22. Post By Adam N

    Woohoooo. Gonna see some Australian cars. Current Toyota Highlander/Kluger has a beasty V6.

  23. Post By beans

    you might have something here…..remember the miata video

  24. Post By Nick Wood

    come to waimate i got couple cars for you to review both are regular cars :)

  25. Post By J Grif

    of course your producer is a jew

  26. Post By Farran Jonker

    This is awesome! I wish I was living back in NZ when you filmed this. Reminds me of The Smoking Tire NZ, also sponsored by the good fella's at Automation.

  27. Post By Jake Kaywell

    Would you mind if you made a video concerning all of the U.S. "Independents" rises and inevitable falls (by this I mean AMC, Hudson, Nash, Studebaker, Packard, Kaiser, and Willys)? It would be extremely interesting for all of us here I'm sure.

  28. Post By michael kotlowski

    I missed your videos Soo much lol only good thing about Mondays to me

  29. Post By FezClone


  30. Post By Thomas Myers


  31. Post By William Mememan


  32. Post By acedotcom

    hey motherfuckers, when a you going to do another real car stories AND tell us about the new camera car?

  33. Post By wiseoracle

    An Ad for a 1 minute clip. Awesome.

  34. Post By RT Arcand

    This is better than Top Gear.

  35. Post By Pedro Seba


  36. Post By zorth42

    So there actually making content ?Hmmm

  37. Post By MyNameMeansAlot

    I wonder when was the last time that somebody used the phrase "rotational inertia" on a playground.

  38. Post By Ahmet Özdüzgün

    the last part has everything I want from a RCR video

  39. Post By Basil

    oh boi oh boi oh boi oh boi

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