Tent City Tour from #GRIDLIFE Midwest

The #GRIDLIFE Motorsports and Music Festival is more than just a track day. It’s racing, drifting, car show, music, parties, food, drinks, and people camping for the weekend to celebrate cars and each other. Matt and Zack take a tour of the grounds on a golf cart and find strange cars and more all over Gingerman Raceway.
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  1. Post By Bobby Stiefel

    My Roadmaster Woody wagon mentioned about 11 mins in :D

  2. Post By Mile Puzic

    3:50 Supra MK2 i saw you and that Sierra 15:44

  3. Post By T Ly

    what's up with that puppet with the crazy gray hair that keeps popping up in the front?

  4. Post By SergeantMoetz

    Looks like the real life NFS Pro Street

  5. Post By ReolSPro

    it´s funny when u find that dust years later when u want to sell your car

  6. Post By ps3shakes123

    "Tent City"..? anyone else think Matt got arrested by Joe Arpaio?…jk

  7. Post By Poisonous Python

    I love how high Matt is in this vid. Still waiting for that first One Toke to come out Mr. Farah…

  8. Post By The speed of darkness

    more zach!!

  9. Post By Hammerbeach

    I'm Swedish so naturally I paused when you drove by the red Volvo 740 wagon with euro lights/bumper =P Seems like a cool place, very much like Gatebil in Norway, but with more Volvos =P

  10. Post By way2high garage

    Thanks for the tour man!!!

  11. Post By way2high garage

    Only real men point out the rampages lol. Wish i was there, stuck in Wisconsin

  12. Post By James Payne III

    Lmao the winged out avenger is daily driven by my neighbor

  13. Post By Arthur Wall

    This one is fun I like videos like these TST. Practically felt like I was there for a minute

  14. Post By Arthur Wall

    O I thought this was Ohio but it's Michigan .Boooo Michigan

  15. Post By Arthur Wall

    Looks like a fun event

  16. Post By SuperMang

    2:21 Matt, thats Tyler Fialko's miata nicknamed the camberghini.. for obvious reasons lol

  17. Post By Robert Kohut

    No shades?? Nice!

  18. Post By g0ferboy

    8:10 "Ford GT" taillights on a Mustang. C'mon car guy…None of my friends are car guys. #sadlife Would be going with just a girl.

  19. Post By Alex MkvTurbo

    How's the turning radius on that golf cart? Does the steering really load up under pressure?

  20. Post By Alex MkvTurbo

    At 3:37 the fur I believe is based on Chewbacca, since the mk4 vr6 sounds like a Wookiee

  21. Post By Josh White

    Hell yeah! My ST is on TST! That was back when it was almost bone stock, too. 7:29

  22. Post By garrett2jz

    can someone explain the 'daily driven' sticker being on basically stock cars? why does it need to be 18" long across a windscreen too?

  23. Post By SleeperHonda

    That dude has some balls for daily driving a Jetta. Hardcore.

  24. Post By Julio Rodriguez

    Judge much sheesh

  25. Post By Jason Argyropoulos

    No bumper trend is so dumb

  26. Post By Taylor Ashworth

    Hell yeah to the guy with the 3rd gen Maxima @ 19:35. OG

  27. Post By Gavin Pouquette

    Was this episode not sponsored by Dillon Optics?

  28. Post By stickloaf

    looks like half the cars started out as moms car and got a body kit or a wrap

  29. Post By twinzturbo

    like a mini burning man for car people. lol

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