Tent City Tour from #GRIDLIFE Midwest

The #GRIDLIFE Motorsports and Music Festival is more than just a track day. It’s racing, drifting, car show, music, parties, food, drinks, and people camping for the weekend to celebrate cars and each other. Matt and Zack take a tour of the grounds on a golf cart and find strange cars and more all over Gingerman Raceway.
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29 thoughts on “Tent City Tour from #GRIDLIFE Midwest

  1. My Roadmaster Woody wagon mentioned about 11 mins in :D

  2. Mile Puzic says:

    3:50 Supra MK2 i saw you and that Sierra 15:44

  3. T Ly says:

    what's up with that puppet with the crazy gray hair that keeps popping up in the front?

  4. Looks like the real life NFS Pro Street

  5. ReolSPro says:

    it´s funny when u find that dust years later when u want to sell your car

  6. ps3shakes123 says:

    "Tent City"..? anyone else think Matt got arrested by Joe Arpaio?…jk

  7. I love how high Matt is in this vid. Still waiting for that first One Toke to come out Mr. Farah…

  8. more zach!!

  9. Hammerbeach says:

    I'm Swedish so naturally I paused when you drove by the red Volvo 740 wagon with euro lights/bumper =P Seems like a cool place, very much like Gatebil in Norway, but with more Volvos =P

  10. Thanks for the tour man!!!

  11. Only real men point out the rampages lol. Wish i was there, stuck in Wisconsin

  12. Lmao the winged out avenger is daily driven by my neighbor

  13. Arthur Wall says:

    This one is fun I like videos like these TST. Practically felt like I was there for a minute

  14. Arthur Wall says:

    O I thought this was Ohio but it's Michigan .Boooo Michigan

  15. Arthur Wall says:

    Looks like a fun event

  16. SuperMang says:

    2:21 Matt, thats Tyler Fialko's miata nicknamed the camberghini.. for obvious reasons lol

  17. Robert Kohut says:

    No shades?? Nice!

  18. g0ferboy says:

    8:10 "Ford GT" taillights on a Mustang. C'mon car guy…

    None of my friends are car guys. #sadlife Would be going with just a girl.

  19. How's the turning radius on that golf cart? Does the steering really load up under pressure?

  20. At 3:37 the fur I believe is based on Chewbacca, since the mk4 vr6 sounds like a Wookiee

  21. Josh White says:

    Hell yeah! My ST is on TST! That was back when it was almost bone stock, too. 7:29

  22. garrett2jz says:

    can someone explain the 'daily driven' sticker being on basically stock cars? why does it need to be 18" long across a windscreen too?

  23. SleeperHonda says:

    That dude has some balls for daily driving a Jetta. Hardcore.

  24. Judge much sheesh

  25. No bumper trend is so dumb

  26. Hell yeah to the guy with the 3rd gen Maxima @ 19:35. OG

  27. Was this episode not sponsored by Dillon Optics?

  28. stickloaf says:

    looks like half the cars started out as moms car and got a body kit or a wrap

  29. twinzturbo says:

    like a mini burning man for car people. lol

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