Tesla Model S P90D vs Nissan GT-R – Top Gear: Drag Races

Time for the big guns: this week’s drag race sees the Nissan GT-R battle the Tesla Model S P90D. Though the Tesla outguns the GT-R on outright power, both claim a 0-62mph time of 2.8s. Who’ll win in a straight shoot-out?

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  1. Post By Demoblade

    I've seen teslas beating faster cars…I wonder how much did the arab guy owner of a petrol company paid this people for doing this…

  2. Post By Dan Daman

    Not sure whether to like or dislike! Meh …

  3. Post By Maria I. Cubillo

    "Hurrah for gasoline!" :{

  4. Post By mrderek800

    I am so triggered right now that they didn't use the Tesla Model S P100D! Rubbish! +Top Gear

  5. Post By TVChi

    Fake News!

  6. Post By Kacper Ziółkowski

    you just wait for the roadster :D

  7. Post By Fahim Haider

    That's Tesla's family car vs. Nissan's ultimate sports car. Wait for testa's new roadstar.

  8. Post By iiHusky Lover

    Did you use P100D?

  9. Post By Zachary Alger

    incoming the next-gen TESLA ROADSTER… better than hyper car speed for 200k… 0-60 in 1.9s

  10. Post By Bronzebk


  11. Post By BeautyHunter1986

    If Top Gear does it, it’s not true race …

  12. Post By PSG


  13. Post By Gilles Huioutu

    Tesla is shit!

  14. Post By GMABL 296

    Why are all the comments just butthurt Tesla fanboys who don't even own one

  15. Post By CheesyBread

    Newest Tesla does 0-60 in 1.9 seconds or better. Also the model S is one of the "lowest end" models in terms of performance.

  16. Post By Vyom

    awww a supercar won by just 0.5 to a salon car? Lol a clear win for Tesla there

  17. Post By Aneel Ahmed

    Can't stand teslas. Sure they're quick but they look like hyundais

  18. Post By fomalhaut86

    Internal combustion FTW! 200 HP difference and still pulled away, amazing – and cheaper to buy and in the long run cheaper to run;p I want that Datsun:)

  19. Post By Mr Me

    I'm not a Tesla Fanboy but I think we all know there's a bit of a conspiracy going on here. TopGear and Tesla are old enemies.

  20. Post By James Schilling

    that is some weak, weak driving

  21. Post By LegoDork

    No Clarkson, not Top Gear.

  22. Post By Hz Records

    i so glad that we can get product reviews from youtubers and not sellouts.

  23. Post By Pedram Maymand

    They’re both AWD. Not 4WD!!

  24. Post By Carlin D'Souza

    Eat shit Tesla.

  25. Post By CrazY CzaR

    Сейчас бы сравнить спорт кар с бизнес классом да еще и электро.Да уж

  26. Post By Milad Nazari

    Its worth knowing one of the biggest sponsors for Top Gear is Shell

  27. Post By Dan M

    Let’s do a rematch when the Roadster comes out. At least then we’d have two cars of the same class.

  28. Post By Dan M

    Electric cars have been available for maybe a decade (?). Petrol cars have been around for well over a century. If anything, the Tesla is true a marvel of engineering. The GT-R is just another sports car.

  29. Post By bano363

    Top gear are a joke


    Telsa fans are worse than one direction fans

  31. Post By Ahmadi Arismaharto

    Come on it's Top Gear. What'd you expect?

  32. Post By Jaybuza

    tesla is the future. but damn son that gtr doe

  33. Post By runemrick na

    Be interesting to see how it does against the new Tesla roadster.

  34. Post By Smd Smd

    The bold one is a shit driver

  35. Post By Shreshth Sinha

    In the thumbnail it looks as if the gtr is giving Tesla a high five…yo bro

  36. Post By Silverio Arroyo

    Yeah lets go ice

  37. Post By ben sella

    Whay top gear hate tesla so much ??

  38. Post By Công Nhân Trương

    Telsa: 1.07bhp/lb, Nissan : 1.2bhp/lb. I am expecting the Nissan to be much faster. Stupid race!!!!!!!!

  39. Post By spirtozz

    sponsored by shell


    Tesla fan boys spitting chips.they lost….go on a 6 hour country road trip . I dare you to have dinner & drive back home . See you on Wednesday….lol

  41. Post By Ed F booboo

    bad driving, he got off bad at the line

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