Tesla Model S P90D vs Nissan GT-R – Top Gear: Drag Races

Time for the big guns: this week’s drag race sees the Nissan GT-R battle the Tesla Model S P90D. Though the Tesla outguns the GT-R on outright power, both claim a 0-62mph time of 2.8s. Who’ll win in a straight shoot-out?

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41 thoughts on “Tesla Model S P90D vs Nissan GT-R – Top Gear: Drag Races

  1. Demoblade says:

    I've seen teslas beating faster cars…I wonder how much did the arab guy owner of a petrol company paid this people for doing this…

  2. Dan Daman says:

    Not sure whether to like or dislike! Meh …

  3. "Hurrah for gasoline!" :{

  4. mrderek800 says:

    I am so triggered right now that they didn't use the Tesla Model S P100D! Rubbish! +Top Gear

  5. TVChi says:

    Fake News!

  6. you just wait for the roadster :D

  7. Fahim Haider says:

    That's Tesla's family car vs. Nissan's ultimate sports car. Wait for testa's new roadstar.

  8. Did you use P100D?

  9. incoming the next-gen TESLA ROADSTER… better than hyper car speed for 200k… 0-60 in 1.9s

  10. Bronzebk says:


  11. If Top Gear does it, it’s not true race …

  12. Tesla is shit!

  13. GMABL 296 says:

    Why are all the comments just butthurt Tesla fanboys who don't even own one

  14. CheesyBread says:

    Newest Tesla does 0-60 in 1.9 seconds or better. Also the model S is one of the "lowest end" models in terms of performance.

  15. Vyom says:

    awww a supercar won by just 0.5 to a salon car? Lol a clear win for Tesla there

  16. Aneel Ahmed says:

    Can't stand teslas. Sure they're quick but they look like hyundais

  17. fomalhaut86 says:

    Internal combustion FTW! 200 HP difference and still pulled away, amazing – and cheaper to buy and in the long run cheaper to run;p I want that Datsun:)

  18. Mr Me says:

    I'm not a Tesla Fanboy but I think we all know there's a bit of a conspiracy going on here. TopGear and Tesla are old enemies.

  19. that is some weak, weak driving

  20. LegoDork says:

    No Clarkson, not Top Gear.

  21. Hz Records says:

    i so glad that we can get product reviews from youtubers and not sellouts.

  22. They’re both AWD. Not 4WD!!

  23. Eat shit Tesla.

  24. CrazY CzaR says:

    Сейчас бы сравнить спорт кар с бизнес классом да еще и электро.
    Да уж

  25. Milad Nazari says:

    Its worth knowing one of the biggest sponsors for Top Gear is Shell

  26. Dan M says:

    Let’s do a rematch when the Roadster comes out. At least then we’d have two cars of the same class.

  27. Dan M says:

    Electric cars have been available for maybe a decade (?). Petrol cars have been around for well over a century. If anything, the Tesla is true a marvel of engineering. The GT-R is just another sports car.

  28. bano363 says:

    Top gear are a joke

  29. Telsa fans are worse than one direction fans

  30. Come on it's Top Gear. What'd you expect?

  31. Jaybuza says:

    tesla is the future. but damn son that gtr doe

  32. runemrick na says:

    Be interesting to see how it does against the new Tesla roadster.

  33. Smd Smd says:

    The bold one is a shit driver

  34. In the thumbnail it looks as if the gtr is giving Tesla a high five…yo bro

  35. Yeah lets go ice

  36. ben sella says:

    Whay top gear hate tesla so much ??

  37. Telsa: 1.07bhp/lb, Nissan : 1.2bhp/lb. I am expecting the Nissan to be much faster. Stupid race!!!!!!!!

  38. spirtozz says:

    sponsored by shell

  39. Tesla fan boys spitting chips.they lost….go on a 6 hour country road trip . I dare you to have dinner & drive back home . See you on Wednesday….lol

  40. Ed F booboo says:

    bad driving, he got off bad at the line

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