The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio: A Study In Racing Genetics

Join us this week as we drive through the history of Alfa Romeo’s motorsport lineage and kick the tail out on a Giulia Sprint 1600 GTA, TZ-1, Giulia TI Super, and the new Giulia Quadrifoglio.

A conversation about the history of driving is at any given time no more than a few words away from the land of red racing cars and coach-built curves, and when talk does inevitably land in Italy, you should start with Alfa Romeo. If motorsport enters the discussion, you must—there would be no prancing horses without the cross and serpent, after all.

See the photoshoot and further info here:

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47 thoughts on “The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio: A Study In Racing Genetics

  1. Nice ad

  2. Antoine P says:

    I know you’ve got to pay the bills, but this is just an advertisement. Beautifully shot and edited, but an advertisement all the same.

  3. Jeff Mazzoni says:

    Amazing sounds from all the Alfas. However, it is truly a criminal act that Alfa Romeo did not see fit the bring the manual transmission we see in the video to the U.S. Call me a dinosaur, but that car, whether a Ti or the Quadrofolio, would be amazing with a proper six speed manual. My F30 328i Sport Line 6-speed might just have been traded in on a Guilia if they offered a manual.

  4. kram namwen says:

    very fine sound quality – bravo!

  5. I want both. Even for only one day

  6. I want both. Even for only one day

  7. perfect video, perfect editing, no talking necessary, lovely.. just lovely. Thank you alpha. +11 fan points from me : )

  8. DrAcid12 says:

    Guy thinks his driving a BMW. Drive an Alpha a few times like that it's the end of life for the car. That's how garbage and inferior these cars are.

  9. Turbosmx says:

    What a beautiful car and video.

  10. Tempo Nelson says:

    The vintage Alfas ….beautiful!!!
    Happy to see she is back …Ciao Bella!!!

  11. starts engine…revs immediately….

  12. biocybernaut says:

    No two ways about it: the Giulia Quad just doesn't have a great sounding engine.

  13. Alex Habr says:

    Old Giulia sounds delicious

  14. Alex Habr says:

    He over corrected at 1:06 and for a split second nearly lost it

  15. Dylan Dale says:

    That TZ though

  16. l'm quite literally welling up from all the beautiful sounds and emotion this video is packed with

  17. A magnificent sound, that's transcend the ages. Viva Alfa Romeo!!!

  18. Dominic C says:

    Tomorrow I'm going to the dealership just so I can take one out for a spin.

  19. Victor N says:

    Beautiful cars. The new Giulia is a winner.

  20. Chad Hicks says:

    such a clean and to-the-point video

  21. Yes, yes, yes! Beautiful video.

  22. Leo Sp says:

    Sensational!!!!! Love ALFA!!!

  23. O.o Amazing video . I rediscovered your channel 2 days ago… I just can't get enough.

  24. Olly Yung says:

    incredible cinematography

  25. nicachancho says:

    …by far, the very best Petrolicious video E V E R!

  26. UsherLinder says:

    Very nice. The cutting amongst the different car gives the impression of the "driver's mind view." This that the Giulia does is like that Alfa Romeo. That that the Giulia does is like this old Alfa.

  27. Maxim Iac says:

    In the first 3 minutes of video my heart was up in throat. O.O

  28. so good! love the video … i'm saying out loud at 1:03, "guard rail … don't lift, don't lift, don't lift", as the tail kicked out, oh soooo close to it!!!

  29. nice. Shame it's not selling…

  30. All beautifull cars….the TZ2 Tubolare would fit here perfectly…620kg kerb weight, NORD 1570cc 7000RPM 170BHP……

  31. AMAZING.


  33. Innero01 says:

    Hey, guys. I love your camerawork. But PLEASE notice that 24fps doesn't work AT ALL at computer screens. It's absurdly jittery. Could you please make it at least 30fps (or a double of that) in the future?

  34. Alfa Romeo.. "Always outnumbered, never outgunned" :'(

  35. Project 105 says:


  36. Certe auto possono solo essere Alfa Romeo.

  37. Nina Claes says:

    Others week adjustment first experience once.

  38. david hall says:

    So now you just film new Alfa commercials?? Not a fan

  39. Too bad the stick isnt Stateside

  40. Don Shafiq says:

    Pure Racing and Pure Feeling…Only true petrolhead agree this!

  41. M N says:

    Is this the most modern vehicle you guys have done a video on?! It's superb! OH my god i can't believe some of these scenes they look like it was shot in a video game with the tracking and steadiness.

  42. Gavin Ivers says:

    Would rather have the old one….

  43. Pol Can says:

    No words are needed.

  44. Pol Can says:

    Love it!!!

  45. Juan Alfonso says:

    beautiful! but the usa version not getting the manual shifter is a down!

  46. gopdogg says:

    #FakeNews. The Giulia Q doesn’t come with a manual trans.

  47. cmx49 says:

    hey Alfa, why don't you quit holding out and give the U.S. the manual?  Clearly it's your transmission of choice, otherwise it wouldn't be in the video.

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