The American Berlin Part 2 of 2 – /LIVE AND LET DRIVE

Continuing our discovery of Detroit trip, Alex walks around an abandoned warehouse, examines a polka dot spotted crack house, gets a freestyle rhyme from a local hip-hop artist, meets a young tech startup entrepreneur… all the while creeping closer to proving his hypothesis: that Detroit is the American Berlin.


  1. Post By Brian Lenahan

    This was a great bit! way more than a car review.Very interesting 

  2. Post By ketan ridealgh

    you struggle to see the video from an artists view, i was expecting cars in the video. even though the main focus was not on cars it still gives a inspirational feel. this video was anything but 'nothing'

  3. Post By ketan ridealgh

    inspiring, makes me wanna move there and start fresh

  4. Post By Mike Lliteras

    get rid of the liberals that run the place, and the unions and Detroit will come back

  5. Post By Abe Lincoln

    At 5:00, of course the police didn't think it worked. They were profiting from the crime as they do in most cases, so why would anyone want to take away profits and job security away from the police?? Society is fucked and corrupt. Example: Marijuana is still illegal in many states because of black/white old-fashioned assholes who don't see any benefits of marijuana, save that the county/state can make money by heavily fining people who are affiliated with marijuana. Gateway drug my ass.

  6. Post By dasadopeboy

    best one from alex so far,

  7. Post By Aaron Johnson

    Live and Let Drive – has in my mind become the "No Reservations" of cars…
    With cars as a backdrop to the story of a place. in the same way no reservations is a food show that is more about the people and the journey rather than a list of ingredients and a guy stuffing his face. its a refreshing new look rather than tire smoke followed by explanation of "awesomeness"

    and please, stop comparing everything to top gear

    expand your mind beyond saying everything else is crap

  8. Post By JIBBronze14

    I live here and i didnt know about half that stuff .

  9. Post By Gary Meyers

    That slow, simple freestyle was genuinely better than half the shit that gets published these days. I can't believe how shitty some of the most popular music is. There are tracks that blatantly copy already existing electronica music and repeat 5 words over and over again and somehow people think its the greatest thing ever. Sad.

  10. Post By Dan Nguyen

    go watch topgear.

  11. Post By Tim Wepunkt

    Why did live and let die disapear? I love the show!

  12. Post By EXPAT1963

    Guys a Muppet!

  13. Post By REBeL_TM

    I read through the majority of these comments posted below and I can't believe how close minded and ignorant some of you are. "Waahh, it's not about cars!" or "who cares about Detroit"…

    I wasn't a big fan of Alex Roy's until I saw this video. He and his team did a great job telling the story of a city which is known for nothing more than being a ruin of the old American auto industry. I actually want to go to Detroit now… and that's really saying something.

  14. Post By brokeas

    I think u did a very well job on covering topics and informing folks on a lil insight.

  15. Post By afinny02

    I will never understand Alex's sense of style, but I still think he is a cool guy.

  16. Post By FreiherrvonWeilberg

    opel insignia straight from germany

  17. Post By weiandblower

    Its because there is no Police presence..they have no money to patrol.

  18. Post By edoug99

    outstanding show guys, thank you.

  19. Post By motorin25

    lol My dad moved to Detroit last year, and I visited this last June. He explained the traffic patterns to me. It weirdly makes some sense when explained by someone with local knowledge, but why it's so different I have no idea.

  20. Post By weiandblower

    I visited Detroit this summer and I agree about people going through red lights…ALL THE TIME! It is scary!

  21. Post By johnconer70

    o.c.p on strike,lol…nice robo cop reference.

  22. Post By polloctero cp

    outsourcing killed the us economy :S

  23. Post By Freddy Chale

    Love your show Bro!!! Keep it coming.

    Cheers from Mexico

  24. Post By brownscirocco

    i really enjoyed this video. a mini documentary within an interesting city and covering a car as well. i feel like this is just very honest. i live by chicago and thought this was awesome. keep it up.

  25. Post By A4est

    great I have never seen the Detroit ruins. that is some of the weirdest art I've ever seen on that street, like the rapper though.some

  26. Post By wickedcobra

    Another fantastic video with Alex!

  27. Post By nyle123nyle

    u can run red lights in Detroit? damnn.. thats a racers city

  28. Post By SP392

    I like these videos..keep 'em coming. Not everyone needs to see the same review of some it car done over and over again. These are a breath of fresh air!

  29. Post By christopher orozco

    Not usually the type of video I watch but it was great! Relaxing and very informational. Nice to know what the rest of this country has to offer from a foreign point of view.

  30. Post By msoviet409

    You're just extending my comment. Nothing new to me. But the question is, why are falling behind? In spite of the fact that most of new technologies originated and were developed from the US. It's like the US invents something and lets other countries perfect it. That leads to another question, can the US invents something and perfects that piece of invention where it was born, without any foreign involvement? and produce it in large quantity?

  31. Post By Rex Holes

    Forign makers were allowed to flood the market, on top of that the foriegn cars were often much better and economical than US cars and thats what most people wanted but detroit was too slow to catch on in time. Detroit can come back but I Dont think cars will be its saviour, that boat sailed long ago.

  32. Post By Aaron P

    Nothing better than ruins. They are as fertile as a freshly plowed field. The trick is to stop the corporate/political seekers of soulless aesthetic from sowing salt into the earth b/c they are too afraid to watch people toil for a better life.

  33. Post By Gavin756

    6:06 saab 96 in the background?

  34. Post By Strouhal00

    Alex Roy annoys me


    House music man Detroit is the birth of house music not techno like you said there two different things !

  36. Post By r1f7waLk3r


  37. Post By msoviet409

    Detroit used to be the bread-and-butter to so many states and countries, but now it is a destitute zone. Could it be the failure of American economy? or the failure from the state's government? GM's failure due to bad management and the same applies to Chrysler? Yes to all of the above and more. But this is a strong and determined city, and Detroit will be back.

  38. Post By KOROKIK

    Stop at the Red Light…you gonna get Car Jacked :(

  39. Post By Joseph Stevenson

    Good use of the fisher building. Love the 2 part episode. Keep it up!

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