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Vintage British bikes are the ultimate fantasy for many older bikers, especially the stylish and loud twin 650s by Triumph. And a visit to see the incredible collection at Yoshi Kosaka’s Garage Company in LA is better than Disneyland. Jamie Robinson and Adey Bennett snag two of Garage Company’s finest vintage Triumphs and head to the Malibu canyons to find out if vintage really is heaven. For more on motorcycles, visit


  1. Post By Vantasticdreamer -_-

    I wish I could handle a bike like Jamie!!

  2. Post By Cuts rose scents

    I know what a Rickman could do.The bike Triumph wouldn't build for sale.I built a similar bike without the Rickman valvetrain.Once I got a Redline frame and a Morgo big bore kit.But I will ride my TL1000 with you.I will wait for you to find a line around that long stretch of Ferrari's. I will text you from the end of the canyon when I have to take off.Nice Rickman you got.But that chrome molly twin tubes cradle frame could be flexed into yoga positions on the backroads. Kinda hard to do to a aluminum twin spar stressed member frame even on a closed course.And not without a factory race team and motor to match.Hows that good ol English handling on a limited number of frame & engine special Rickmans doing.And with modern street tire compounds twisting that frame into a wobble in 90mph sweepers.Could get messy.

  3. Post By mark grice

    it's a soul thing..i'm British,and biased :)

  4. Post By randhall joss

    just 2 so dreamy machine

  5. Post By Andy Pearson

    cant wait for the sun 1978 t140v and winding welsh roads would i go back to my ninja never

  6. Post By Lâm Đặng

    No leak oil = no oilMy bike in a nutshell :D

  7. Post By Anthony Steele


  8. Post By butchtropic

    Fairly powerful for a 650 twin but damm those things will vibrate a lot!.

  9. Post By Al M

    The Brits put all their money and engineering into the Concorde along with the French. So the healthy motorcycle, bicycle and auto industries in both countries atrophied. Instead of flogging the 1963 level of motorcycle in 1969 this Rickman could have been a production model with cutting edge electronic ignition, Delorto type pumper carbs, Cheriani type forks, superior electronics, slightly reinforced engine and no oil leaks–with some investment–but no we got the biggest hole ever to throw money and engineering into–the Concorde! Imagine a reliable bike similar to this Rickman at 380 lbs = Wowsers! OK make electric start an option and add 33 lbs–still MUCH lighter than whatever the CB750 weighed (must be 480 dry)

  10. Post By SomeoneElse

    Why do so many producers fuck it up by blending in some music destroying the joy of listening to the sound of the engines which is what we want to hear in first place

  11. Post By TheSpringOf74

    Respect for that poor bunny :-(

  12. Post By charlesissleepy

    looks nice but will it do the ton

  13. Post By R C Nelson

    No engine sounds better than a 360 degree parallel twin.

  14. Post By prodrift101

    I understand the vintage aesthetic of the bikes but why the fuck are you wearing period gear. Enjoy finding your face on the asphalt.

  15. Post By O O

    Cool video! Cool bikes too.

  16. Post By 4418CARLOU

    Drop the shit music!!!!

  17. Post By rheniformer

    I want to be on that ride so bad. Swap rides then finish up getting on my ultra bike (ZX9R) for the ride home. I got my license in 1974. I believe I grew up in the uber era of Motorcycle evolution. The Japanese had established themselves for practicality in the 60's now in the 70's they were coming out of the closet like a Lion eclipsing and rewriting motorcycle form. These early cafe transformations grew into factory cafe bikes like the CB400F which eventually became the sport bikes of today. I rode the early CB750K4 to high school, it was a definite compensation for my teenage insecurities. I rode some early Triumphs, owned a mint '83 Katana 750, '93 Katana 1100, 2003 Ninja ZX9R plus about 3 dozen more and rode a few dozen more than that. They were all, all that! The Buells, So unappreciated but the field offers so much choice and all available for the price of a really crappy used car!!! My Ninja is rock solid and worth about $4000 on a good day! Sophistication aside that old mill is less than half a second slower in a quarter mile than the most sophisticated bike on the road 12 years later (Probably the BMW 1000 RR). Here's the hook, these old mills on this clip hold as much appeal as anything on the time line, maybe more. I want to own a couple more but ride them all! There is nothing like a bike.

  18. Post By Terry Clark

    Would have been nice to hear the bikes sound out on the road without that loud music.

  19. Post By dizzy rider

    No air filters. It looks really dusty too.

  20. Post By bossco09

    That the cool thing with these sweet classics…you can't rush things just kick back and cruz daddyo……

  21. Post By Theban Ned Greenman

    The video started well by showing  motorcycles, then becomes a 'yawn fest' of old fogies standing around talking to each other. …..

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