The Ferrari 288 GTO – Group B Spec!!

A Ferrari 288GTO , epic drifts, awesome donuts and then figure of 8’s round some gerbs. Subscribe for the next video:
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The Ferrari 288GTO is the predecessor to the Ferrari F40!! With circa 270 made 1984 was probably not ready for a twin Turbo… Wolf of Wall Street style! Stay Sideways, gymkhana esq, supercarkhana.

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15 thoughts on “The Ferrari 288 GTO – Group B Spec!!

  1. かっちょええー!

  2. CarsNfun says:

    Nicee fram filter ! Hahah

  3. Shawn Afshar says:

    classic car

  4. kedr77 says:

    This is a shame that the group B rally class was shut down, before the Ferrari 288 GTO had the chance to shine! This would have brought a lot of competition among the Peugeot 205 Turbo 16, the Audi Quattro Sport E2, the Lancia Delta S4 and MG Metro 6R4! Nevertheless, It was not a waste altogether, at least we have the F40 that was designed around the Ferrari 288 gto turbo engine.

  5. If only group B would have lasted a little longer, then we could have seen this and the countach rally

  6. Got an idea for you… Drive the FF as a rally car

  7. Fthresholds says:

    722 pussies driving teslas

  8. Fthresholds says:

    Pure orgasm

  9. That's how you drive a masterpiece…

  10. Mario dap says:

    Sarebbe stato bello senza musica

  11. o si ascolta il motore o si ascolta la musica …Diooo

  12. I think this is the most beautiful Ferrari of all time, followed by the 246 GTS. What do you think?

  13. A W E S O M E

  14. Lucas Grilli says:

    The guy on 1:19 is the same on this video in 4:32

  15. Feels like a Stanley Kubrick film!

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