The Garden of Wraith – by Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce’s Wraith powerslides and donuts its way around a beautiful garden…

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28 thoughts on “The Garden of Wraith – by Rolls Royce

  1. Sidd Sid says:

    Why is he sitting like that?

  2. mrpmj00 says:

    Wow, that's so unexpected.


  4. very capable driving!

  5. Ajax says:

    Best way to keep lawm trimmed

  6. Zaeem Ahmed says:

    This is awesome.e

  7. Turn a Roll into a drift car

  8. And then the tire pops and it turns into the casino royal Aston flip

  9. Good good … Very good …

  10. Makar Veli says:

    This is insane…pure class….kudos to the driver

  11. When you rich af but drift is life

  12. I have Rolls-Royce

  13. Love Rolls-Royce

  14. this is the very horny Sir Toby on his way to the lechereous Lady Lucilles fucking mansion amidst the lawns of Woodstock.

  15. Dr. Me says:

    absolut Hammer cool, früher waren es Pferd mit Streitwagen, heute der RR. Amazing Great Idea :-) please spend more longer Videos

  16. Walter White says:

    must be nice to be rich….

  17. Люблю Ролс Ройс

  18. G-briell XD says:

    DEJA VU!!

  19. Finally am happy – Rolls Royce

  20. kNightly says:

    lol the number plate sounds like tax the rich at 1:37

  21. What is the song used in this video?

  22. JohnDuqu says:

    Power Reserve! WOW i love it

  23. this is beautiful!!!im crying!!!:')

  24. Change the plate to Taxthisbich

  25. zero2200zero says:

    can i have the name of the song???

  26. ASS KO says:

    That's called being WEALTHY you ignorant peasants……

  27. This guy be like Ken block drift ? That's cute :)

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