The Goodwood Revival RAC TT 2013, in a Lister Jaguar Coupe. — /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

The biggest race of the historic motorsport calendar, and /DRIVE was there! Racing the Lister in the TT with Anthony Reid. One of the best experiences ever.



    Mr harris enjoy your special life!

  2. Post By Paul Standeven

    I propose a comparison test / race: this Lister / Costin, the Lindner/ Nocker Lightweight E-Type, and the Samir Klat Lightweight E-Type

  3. Post By Allen Saunders

    The rain did you in didn't run as well. Is it ever dry for a race in the UK

  4. Post By Allen Saunders

    Great video in everyway no daytonas surprised

  5. Post By Green Leader

    Glad event like this exist and cars get taken out ,not just put in showrooms

  6. Post By ZX Spectrum

    great race.

  7. Post By Butch Duncan

    That spin had me shrieking!!! No dents Great racing right their!! Cant wait for the PIR vintage on the July 4th weekend 2017!!

  8. Post By Cameron

    does anyone know what model his arai helmet is? looking to buy one and I like the style of this helmet

  9. Post By David Watson

    Outstanding content. I miss an independent Chris harris. I know he was always with Drive/ and EVO, but I really hope Top gear doesn't OWN his soul like I kind of feel like is happening. Best car journalist in the world

  10. Post By michael joiner

    love this stuff


    What is the music at the beginning?

  12. Post By Ronnie Boucher

    i do like alfa romeos thet are well done and sporty = twin cam twin webers .

  13. Post By Dirk Warmerdam

    Still such a damn fine video this. Nailbiter!

  14. Post By isurid1

    So cool. Amazing….

  15. Post By blueman24


  16. Post By Richard Darlington

    Well, let' see…In 1964 I was 11 years old. Can you imagine how much I loved auto racing as a kid? Not so much anymore. The romance is over, I'm sorry to say.

  17. Post By Charley Smith

    Truly magnificent.

  18. Post By Stephen R

    Where is the piano piece from?

  19. Post By burnhippiesforfuel

    typing lft hssnded.

  20. Post By Gustavo Assis Borges

    That´s some car porn! What a awesome collection!

  21. Post By Nico Fonce

    Over the years I watched this video a couple of times, and today it still moves me as much – if not more – as when I saw it the first time. It doesn't get much better, really.

  22. Post By Daniel Kelly

    4:18 what Ferrari is that?! :O lovevly

  23. Post By sneeky7

    What a great event and video, was that Jean Alesi the Jean Alesi?

  24. Post By Moflyboy Blanquito

    Kick ass video Chris

  25. Post By chuckbassification

    If it had stayed dry, you boys would have had it!!

  26. Post By Nico Epstein

    That was actually quite gripping, wow. These are the most beautiful cars. British racing green ftw.

  27. Post By Tucker J.

    What an memorial event. Brought tears to my eyes.Good job laddies.

  28. Post By Ryan Beyak

    second driver needs to learn how to drive

  29. Post By Suggestive Biscuits

    Just realised where the opening sequence for DRIVE videos comes from at 10:21

  30. Post By lowell mccormick

    good story presented well.  Thanks Chris.

  31. Post By BarbaricAvatar

    "Then the flag drops" Although half the field has already started by the time that happens.


    great race chronicle ! almost enough to write a little adventure book !!but still, i can't figure out why Aston came out so fast only in the end, i bet the rain had something to do with it….. still, a great ride for the Lister jaguar, great movie director,was like being there !!! and of course top marks for A1 journalist and co driver! will watch again soon

  33. Post By D' ARTICULATE

    Bloody Exciting stuff eh what!

  34. Post By 83j049733rfe4

    First Loser in a race where you showed up a bunch of idiots in ferraris? That wouldn't even be a concession: That'd still be a victory. Bittersweet, yes, but god, it'd still be a hell of a good victory.

  35. Post By carlos mauro

    the noise, damn that noise!

  36. Post By Tristan W

    This was nerve-wracking to watch, and I loved every second of it. Bravo, Chris Harris.

  37. Post By gremmann

    I don't normally save Youtube videos, but this is going into my favorites….great vid.

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