The Grand Tour: 5 Days to Go

Only 5 days to go until The Grand Tour with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May launches on Amazon Prime Video. Stream weekly beginning 18th of November.

The Grand Tour:


  1. Post By Mine_Zone

    why not outside us and uk?

  2. Post By Mahim Mahmood

    dislikes are from BBC

  3. Post By Moe Szyslak

  4. Post By Generalofkills Genofkills

    Who is happy here that in 5 days it will come out

  5. Post By Gabriel Medina

    Amazon prime account, DONE DONE FUCKING DONE

  6. Post By swSephy | Sim Racing

    I'm having a crisis

  7. Post By ThisIsAPrettyLongUserNameWhyTheFuckWouldHeDoThatSoThatEveryoneWouldThumbsUpIt

    Finally my amazon prime membership means something.

  8. Post By W210 Source

    Waiting, Waiting, Waiting. Greetings from Republic of Georgia.

  9. Post By Eggs came first Not the chicken

    Top Gears end is nearing…Grand tours Throne is rising…

  10. Post By Tore Nyland

    so i have a question , where can we see this if we live somewhere where amasone prime is not a thing ? there better be a solution for us somehow thru legal means ?

  11. Post By Luke Bizza

    I'm just going to wait for a few episodes to be released then cash in on that sweet sweet free trial :)

  12. Post By Gregory James

    I've cancelled my Amazon Prime Membership as can't watch it in Australia ,fucking arseholes. Amazon , marketing so called guru's you fucking idiots.!!!

  13. Post By Gregory James

    Who gives a Flying Fuck !! can't watch it in Australia even if you are an Amazon Prime Video member , bummer!!!!!

  14. Post By Blob Fish

    I wish Netflix got the series just because they are everywhere, unlike Amazon Prime

  15. Post By AgentTasmania

    5 Days till I head back to Priatebay for the first time since getting Netflix.

  16. Post By Dat Boi

    Omfg so clossssssee

  17. Post By Jarvon Williams

    Will it be the 18th US time?

  18. Post By Michael Reyes

    All these little trailers are getting more views than new episodes of top gear..

  19. Post By sean fl

    can't fookin wait

  20. Post By Ryan Clayton

    whos keen to watch pirate copies of this?

  21. Post By Brett Dunsmore

    Any word on how Australians are meant to see this? C'mon Amazon.

  22. Post By Shasky Smith


  23. Post By Need For Speed Fan Channel


  24. Post By 东北幽默的爷们

    Wow, they traveled to more countries than ibn battuta did…

  25. Post By Antonio

    put the first ep on youtube at least

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