The Grand Tour: 5 Days to Go

Only 5 days to go until The Grand Tour with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May launches on Amazon Prime Video. Stream weekly beginning 18th of November.

The Grand Tour:

25 thoughts on “The Grand Tour: 5 Days to Go

  1. Mine_Zone says:

    why not outside us and uk?

  2. dislikes are from BBC

  3. Who is happy here that in 5 days it will come out

  4. Amazon prime account, DONE DONE FUCKING DONE

  5. I'm having a crisis

  6. Finally my amazon prime membership means something.

  7. W210 Source says:

    Waiting, Waiting, Waiting.
    Greetings from Republic of Georgia.

  8. Top Gears end is nearing…

    Grand tours Throne is rising…

  9. Tore Nyland says:

    so i have a question , where can we see this if we live somewhere where amasone prime is not a thing ? there better be a solution for us somehow thru legal means ?

  10. Luke Bizza says:

    I'm just going to wait for a few episodes to be released then cash in on that sweet sweet free trial :)

  11. I've cancelled my Amazon Prime Membership as can't watch it in Australia ,fucking arseholes. Amazon , marketing so called guru's you fucking idiots.!!!

  12. Who gives a Flying Fuck !! can't watch it in Australia even if you are an Amazon Prime Video member , bummer!!!!!

  13. Blob Fish says:

    I wish Netflix got the series just because they are everywhere, unlike Amazon Prime

  14. 5 Days till I head back to Priatebay for the first time since getting Netflix.

  15. Dat Boi says:

    Omfg so clossssssee

  16. Will it be the 18th US time?

  17. All these little trailers are getting more views than new episodes of top gear..

  18. sean fl says:

    can't fookin wait

  19. Ryan Clayton says:

    whos keen to watch pirate copies of this?

  20. Any word on how Australians are meant to see this? C'mon Amazon.

  21. Shasky Smith says:


  22. Wow, they traveled to more countries than ibn battuta did…

  23. Antonio says:

    put the first ep on youtube at least

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