The Grand Tour: 90s cars

Jeremy makes a nostalgic trip to the Eboladrome to drive a pair of incredible supercars from the early 1990s, the Jaguar XJ220 and the Bugatti EB 110 Super Sport. Watch The Grand Tour on

32 thoughts on “The Grand Tour: 90s cars

  1. Adders321 says:

    The EB110 SS is my true dream car! the lag isn't bad at all it's Clarkson providing entertainment.

  2. damei wang says:

    Nice time riding cars.

  3. Jeffrey Choi says:

    Haha the Jag XJ220's license plate is "220 VAN Is this a jab directed at the time the three presenters were doing Top Gear and they faced the Aussies in a series of challenges, one of them being a race where the engine on a Ford Transit VAN they were racing was swapped for an XJ220 engine?

  4. The XJ220's plate was "220 VAN". Was that supposed to be a reference for the sleeper Ford Transit Jeremy has?

  5. This might be the longest video on the channel . F-that

  6. Kieran H says:

    220 VAN regi plate is the perfect plate for the xj220 powered transit van they used to race against the Australia's in Top Gear

  7. KamilMB says:

    Classic cars are the best. Most of us – people who can only dream of a supercar – prefer the rough '80 and '90 cars, with no, or almost no electronics and bonkers looks. Today all cars look the same. McLaren, Ferrari, Lambos – come and go too often and look so much alike! Back then we had the absolute – the Ferrari F40, and the extreme Lamborghini Diablo. Both so diffrent from each other! Then came alone toe McLaren F1 – totally not like the Lambo or the F40! Cars from the '80 and '90 were so much different one from another!

  8. John Herbold says:

    It would be cool if there was a GT90 there but that is probably too rare

  9. Disco4 says:

    That Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag

  10. I'm too young to remember the EB110 from my childhood but I do remember it as my first supercar in the first Forza Horizon game

  11. Here's why we long bakc to the 90's.

    1. Autobahn mostly unrestricted
    2. No downsizing shit with smaller engines and big turbos.
    3. no bullshit about gloabl warming
    4. No tractioncontrol as standard. No interfering control system to stop you from powersliding.
    5. Not a billion settings to choose how you want your suspensoin
    6. No gismos for every detail of your car, like how many seconds your lights should stay on after you come home and park your car.
    7 No eco tax horsecrap or communist EU rules for CO2 or pollution
    8 Great cars with each a different personality. Especially the supercars were FABULOUS!
    9 Things were still sacred. Everyone had stood up in anger 20 years ago if Ferrari or Maserati made a diesel or even hybrid, electric cars. Or Ford planning a 4cilinder ecoboost mustang (GRRR) Or Porsche making suvs saloons and use double clutching DSG rubbish.
    10 Everything seemed possible, ppl knew the greatness of cars, wallpapers of Lamborghinis.
    11 Elegance in design, not purely efficiency, cars looked stunning and aerodynamic.
    12 People didnt damage your car jsut because its a RangeRover.
    People admired you when you had something special, now they hate you for it, either out of jealousy or by their indoctrinated climate change Greenpeace mind
    13 No perfectionism in making cars, but still care for detail and love for the process.

  12. Gary Knight says:

    whats the song in the background called?

  13. MJDHX says:

    XJ220 was my favorite as a kid. I remember when I first saw a picture of it in '96.

  14. Ion Kayak says:

    Jaguar XJ220 is main rival of Bugatti EB110 GT, but EB110 SS is good competitor for McLaren F1.

  15. The David says:

    A used EB110 from the 90s is worth as much as a brand new Veyron, the only difference is it's not a VW and it doesnt depreciate.

  16. music?

  17. I want an EB110 so badly

  18. gerardlp640 says:

    what is the song/theme at the beginning of the video?

  19. Igor Bosma says:

    Is there gonna be a special this season?

  20. I feel like the Nissan Skyline R33 would’ve done well

  21. Aamir Fatehi says:

    The 220 VAN number plate could be a reference to that Jaguar propelled van in Top Gear (Top Gear UK vs. Top Gear Australia)

  22. Where is Nissan R390?

  23. I love jag over the bucatti…

  24. Wasn’t the mclaren f1 the fastest car of the 90s

  25. Smart1529 says:

    Honestly the Jag still looks amazing till this day and it deserves more

  26. i'm dreaming?

  27. Hitmaniak17 says:

    I Love Jaaag Xj220

  28. OldRed91 says:

    I never cared for the styling of either of those cars

  29. valdezapg says:

    would be nice if they did more with old 80s and 90s supercars

  30. fantastic film this. Great episode.

  31. You'd think with all of the cars Jeremy as driven over the years he would have learnt to be in the right gear, then you'll be within the boost range.

  32. eimajvl says:

    Episode been getting better n better… Keep it up Grand Tour!

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