The Grand Tour: A Look at the New Ford GT

In a public transportation race from NYC to Niagara Falls features Jeremy Clarkson in the new Ford GT versus James May on public transportation, dragging an injured Richard Hammond. This is a look at the new Ford GT.

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46 thoughts on “The Grand Tour: A Look at the New Ford GT

  1. This whole V8 thing.. I drive a V8, and have always driven V8s, but it's not right to stick to the past and keep saying modern supercars should be V8's just because they were in the past. The evidence is right here that the car won LeMans with the V6. The technology is sitting there proving itself worthy.
    In the past, the V8 became adored because it was the simple solution to make muscle cars. A culture was established around that. Today the sad truth is that V8's are overkill most of the time. If you can make 350 HP from most modern V6, that's far and away more than most drivers need or know how to control in basic or luxury cars.
    Does an V8 sound better, objectively? To me, American V8s sound the best, but what if I had grown up where a Nissan V6 was seen as the top dog engine? Maybe I would attribute that sound as the "sound of power" and all that.

  2. Certain cars you can tell right away Jeremy is going to end up professing his love for them, like the LFA. This is one of them.

  3. failtolawl says:

    Sounds like my wrangler lmao.

  4. anacondav12 says:

    Awesome episode awesome car

  5. ThomsenHD says:

    Just another example that the Americans can't build cars. :')


  7. jose miguel says:

    V6 fart amazing

  8. Ryan Wallace says:

    V6, oh no!!!

  9. RAHtheGREAT says:

    It says 67 people disliked this video… must have been Chris Evans and some other BBC employees.

  10. Nexus Hexus says:

    The most overpriced car ….. Pause….. in the WORLD.

  11. What a machiiine! Hahaha.

  12. lone wolf says:

    Another fantastic work of English engineering!

  13. Nozyspy says:

    Are the subtitles for Americans? Because they clearly cant understand anyone not speaking American.

  14. I cant get over the fact that this show is so scripted

  15. BlackWind says:

    Does anyone know the song in the background?

  16. BurnDuration says:

    Is it just me, or should Ford have put the flat plan crank GT350R B8 engine with twin turbos in the Ford GT?

  17. sfloreza says:


  18. Should of put a barra motor engine in it, none of this v6 shit, inline six turbo, all the way

  19. Yoan Freynet says:

    Superb The Grand Tour

  20. V8 or go home

  21. Aditya Sk says:

    Jeremy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  23. dhsieh911018 says:

    too bad not good enough for John Cena

  24. Rick Reid says:

    For the price of one. It should have a V8 with the turbo.

  25. You have to park the car in Ford GTand then change the drive mode,he changed it while he drives.
    No surprise in power, it's the Leman's 24hr winner two years back

  26. palmer3977 says:

    It's a Pantomime horse.

  27. DBLDREW says:

    im surprised at the somewhat low red line. ~6500rpm

  28. corn flake says:

    One of my proudest fap.

  29. oilio says:

    Who is nora?

  30. Thepsychodoc says:

    It would’ve been fun if the American took this out on the Ebola drome

  31. 1971mgb says:

    No. Just sounds like real farts and bangs !

  32. mex herr says:

    It comes with a ricer spoiler nice! I love it!

  33. "People who are BLT"

    -Jeremy Clarkson

  34. Nova Ichsan says:

    No doubt a great car but the price….

  35. The new FORD GT doesnt make sense at all , sure its better than the previous model was sluggish af but this one doesnt seem to make sense

  36. turbo power says:


  37. PeterH2006 says:

    Why the subtitles?

  38. Anton3710 says:

    This episode was interesting, but celebrity face off is still boring

  39. What a machine, indeed!

  40. Aaron Sirb says:

    Vs. 2018 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

  41. Phone User says:

    Second season is boring……….

  42. Prodriveguy says:

    I like the part where they tell you on screen what they are saying……. -_-

  43. exy zx says:

    hammond you idiot
    This is the best car pause in the world

  44. Kai Wyn Tan says:


  45. OceanBlue says:

    This is one of their best episodes!… Looking forward to seeing their new driver Abbie Eaton!

  46. iLupi says:

    New NSX take notes, this is what you should have sounded like with a V6 Turbo. Make it sound like that when/if there's a new Type-R, would be epic to hear! XD

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