The Grand Tour: A Montage of the Namibia special

A look at the best bits of The Grand Tour Namibia special. Watch Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May in the Beach (Buggy) Boys Namibian special on Prime Video.

39 thoughts on “The Grand Tour: A Montage of the Namibia special

  1. those are some really saggy tits

  2. The Rambler says:

    As a proud Namibian, I approve this message)

  3. Adit Wibowo says:

    This was absolutely great

  4. GAMER DUDE says:

    Schade das es von dmax abgesetzt wurde es war meine absolute lieblings Sendung ich habe diese drei verrückten Typen geliebt immer wenn ich von der schule kam waren die neuen top gear folgen mit Abstand das beste am tag bis top gear abgesetzt wurde ….leider kann ich mir krin amazon leisten naja ich hoffe richard ,james und jeremy haben bei amozon genau so viel Spaß wie ich hatte als ich mir die alten folgen top gear angeschaut habe

  5. Mondoblasto0 says:

    0:44 Locals watching three crazy Englishmen driving by.

  6. andyj288 says:

    Where can you get Hammonds buggy from, I want it

  7. Miiike03 says:

    Scripted and boring. It took 2 episodes and almost nothing happened in it. Compared to old Top Gear it is the worst special ever.

  8. 0:44 TIDIESSSS

  9. I wish they'd show a clip of that guy getting helicoptered in a dune buggy. That is as funny of a clip as one of the other clips they showed with this.

  10. poolehart says:

    Loved it! This show has its highs and lows like top gear always did, but I enjoyed the Namibia specials just as much as any of my old favourite TG episodes.

  11. Replays_Za says:

    Come to Luderitz namibia

  12. Muz says:

    This was an awesome special!

  13. What a beautiful country…I am a proud Namibia citezin

  14. sgtmoody says:

    Best episode this season!

  15. Roller Buggy says:

    Loved it!

  16. These episodes are what made top gear an amazing show. So happy that The Grand Tour has some of these. Keep them coming guys

  17. Reminds me of mad max

  18. 420apache657 says:

    0:43 lol tits if they were white girls they would be censored

  19. para xena says:

    How couldn't they find the road at the beginning, were they air dropped onto that beach? Dumb

  20. Sonia Paquet says:


  21. This was……

    AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Sean38529 says:

    Proper old fashioned top gear road trip

  23. Skankhunt42 says:

    im sorry but tgt is way too much scripted acting than it is the old topgear …. i think tgt will die after 2 or 3 seasons because you are making a show for dumb americans now and not for the rest of the world that truly appreciaed top gear

  24. Pepitobenito says:

    While I have greatly enjoyed The Grand Tour as a whole thus far, this was by far the biggest and best return to form the boys have had in years. Classic TG/GT.

  25. Johnmadara says:

    where do i find the first episode of the grand tour

  26. Austin S says:

    The U.S. still has the greatest military xD

  27. Snake56 says:

    0:09 Remember to take your weekly dose of The Grand Tour

  28. Alex K says:

    When I say countries, I mean continents.

  29. Alex K says:

    The best GT episode so far, but TG Great African Adventure was better. Btw, why do you film your specials in Africa? There are many other countries in the world!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Namibia was a very poor choice of location. Other than that, the special was very entertaining.

  31. Will these 3 pillocks/dingleberries said with utmost respect and love for them be able to visit newer places which previously they weren't, "due to the unique way the BBC is structured" now that they are no longer under them? :D

  32. My country, Namibia…. The best Ever!

  33. CLC1000 says:

    Loved this special. Cannot wait for more. :)

  34. Rover Waters says:

    This is a kids program

  35. mikej5337 says:

    i love these 3, but the show is way too scripted.

  36. urgetodrive says:

    Part 2 put me to sleep, literally. Worse than watching cricket or sheepdog trials. At least I have a new cure for insomnia.

  37. Kinda Like says:

    At the begingng of GT I was thinking that it's gonna be terrible, stupid show, but after 4-5 episode my opinion totally changed!
    Thank you mr. Hamster, Captain Slow and Jessa. You guys are amazing.
    p.s. I born in 2001 and personally I grew up with these guys. I watched Top Gear from 2004 and that was so terrible moments when your favorite show just closed. So happy to watch these episodes =)

  38. mdspeedster says:

    While I thought the whole poacher hunting bit was a bit scripted and unnecessary, I absolutely loved this episode/special.

  39. diogo vale says:

    I like the show but it's too scripted I preferred top gear

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