The Grand Tour: Dogging

On their way from Pau to Barcelona, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May hit a patch of fog. Jeremy looking for his Aston, ends up finding a couple engaged in another pastime. Watch The Grand Tour on

45 thoughts on “The Grand Tour: Dogging

  1. Ramir Duria says:

    Does that mean he's not cumming on, then?

  2. Warp Drive says:

    I'd rather walk.

  3. User8571 says:

    Looks like a great idea for another episode. Reasonably priced cars that will still get you laid (evidently).

  4. i wonder what james would have said :D

  5. Just imagine, you're having a nice time with someone, and suddenly Clarkson looks through your window

  6. The Grand Tour (GONE SEXUAL)

  7. Zubiila says:

    Had to look up dogging in the dictionary and then busted out into laughter. Omg only on this show does someone look for a car in the fog but end up walking in on a random couple enjoying some not-so-private time xD

  8. In other news Amazon prime goes Porn. Jeremy Clarkson states: "People think me and sex that doesn't go together well. Well. They're wrong. We as GT were approached by Amazon to promote the topic in our own videos. That's why we talk so much about sex and stuff." A formal announcement from Amazon is to be expected in February, he said.

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  10. If you guys are honest, what do you think about the grand tour season 2? I really (!) liked top gear but I didn't really like TGT season 1. Is season 2 better?

  11. Mu Effe says:

    This reminded of a scene from Stephen King's The Mist. Instead of creepy crawly aliens from another dimension hiding inside The Mist. We got an Orang utan roaming around. I'm not sure which is more terrifying but that would probably make you shout Oh shit… its them we gotta run! We are being tape… Rofl.

  12. nothing to see here.. LMAO

  13. They blurred their faces, so they legit were. Oh shit XD

  14. Clarkson is an effective form of birth control

  15. wa zxy says:


  16. Compared to last, seems like amazon has cut your budget this season.

  17. GloryThyName says:

    Why would you walk the dog in the fog

  18. Tubers says:

    Series 2 is so much better than 1. I was initially worried grand tour would suck but it’s been redeemed

  19. Kenneth NSB says:

    i thought it was fake at first

  20. Look at that ladies and gentlemen Bigfoot!

  21. weakpig says:

    the dogging is staged (me thinks…)

  22. the fog is SCRIPTED !!!111!!!111!11!!1

  23. Lexani99 says:

    for me this was the best episode so far..better and better…

  24. MonkeyHunch1 says:

    lmao! Loving the grand tour series 2 so far !

  25. Poor people, at least they're on TV, something to realises what Jeremy means by dogging Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. The Stig says:

    Thank god sound recordist and camera crews weren't close to the car. Otherwise it would be a different kind of video.

  27. daisyroots says:

    If I may offer a bit of assistance to our American Viewers…
    Dogging is a British English slang term for engaging in sexual acts in a public or semi-public place or watching others doing so

  28. Imagine being balls deep and someone shouting "Oh I have found a car here.. Oh it's a Toyota.."

  29. Y2Kvids says:

    What is DogginG?

  30. Nothing comes close to this best moments of TGT

  31. th4rujith says:

    You know its lit when even the camera crew is laughing

  32. Kelly Dunois says:

    Is this The Fog movie in the making ?

  33. NIK_D says:

    And they r dogging …….

  34. DC322 says:


  35. xboxgamer969 says:

    hahaha this was the funniest moment on the episode

  36. What is dogging?

  37. arbalest T says:

    "mom, dad!!! i'm on tv!!! dogging!!"

  38. JC Gabriel says:

    In this program, Jeremy and Richard had big balls, James had none, and someone had a set of blue ones…

  39. Spencer Bell says:

    I’m fucking dying this brings back memories

  40. 252Scooby says:

    For once Jeremy wasn’t the 1st to arrive

  41. Oh Cock!

  42. Фильм Американский, Большие гонки. Профессор вы где? Я за скалой!

  43. That jag looks like a hot dog

  44. Something they will tell their kids about. Except they won't, cause you interrupted them, and now there won't be any kids.

  45. Alex Comins says:

    This cracked me up when I watched it

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