The Grand Tour: Farmkhana, The Gate, Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes of The Grand Tour’s Farmkhana, we see just how Jeremy Clarkson’s epic gate scene was made. Watch The Grand Tour on

34 thoughts on “The Grand Tour: Farmkhana, The Gate, Behind The Scenes

  1. I'll buy those GoAmateur stickers

  2. DieterS. says:

    is this on kissanime?

  3. James McKay says:

    All V12's sound dreary (Clarkson, 2017).

    He's said some other absolute drivel this season… like in s2 ep1, he said the new Aventador wasn't designed to go fast, it was designed to go 9mph around London… wtf is he on about?

    I used to respect Jeremy's brash opinions but now he's just an absolute knob.

  4. What a p**ck!
    – Phil 2017

  5. Clarkson LEGEND!

  6. TopFelya says:

    I think Ken Block was doing all these stunts

  7. The fucking master of the universe jaja

  8. Liam Weaver says:

    11 dead sheep disliked

  9. Ken Olsen says:

    Why the crash helmet ??

  10. No wonder the car looked horrible in the end of the farmkhana video……

  11. Delta Matt says:

    Staged beyond belief

  12. Best episode yet

  13. SMM Gooz says:

    Silencer of the lambs

  14. Мы любим тебя, с Любовь из России.

  15. chas ames says:

    We're close to seeing some producer hit JEREMY…

  16. Also we see Clarkson in the clip showing his face like he got a stroke

  17. bike & co says:

    Video who y jump thé river

  18. P4z4n says:

    This Episode is golden. S2 is definely better than S1, keep up the great work!

  19. 1 like=
    1 extra donation to Save the Subaru’s

  20. TimTube says:

    Clarkson's parts in the second season seem to be the worst compared to May's and Hammond's, telling from what we've seen so far. Last week the overscripted "unscripted" part was almost a disaster when May would not have been there with his Fire-engine. Now this parody on Ken Block is not really good and original either.

  21. Ach Kind says:

    anybody else loving the GoAmateur stickers?

  22. Michael Gomo says:


  23. MrAirHD says:

    did they really killed the sheep ? Were these real?

  24. Ibrar Ali says:

    Give it to Hammond he'll take of it by rolling it over ;)

  25. H1R1M1N1 says:

    "This is how to feel like Richard Hammond"

    Jeremy Clarkson 2018
    Edit: I wrote 2017. kill me
    Shout out to Shane Earley

  26. Ryan Mackie says:

    Then he uses an aldi to finish it off after the Subaru was flipped over

  27. не забывай, на одного немца пришлось 8 русских солдат и это при поддержки американских союзников. Русские дно мира, Чечня рулит!

  28. densek510 says:

    what about dead lambs ?!

  29. Well, actually the final cut wasn't bad at all! Considering Ken Block's WRC record, I can imagine him doing kind of the same "stunts" quite often in his gymkhanas.

  30. Bring back The Stig pls

  31. Nice waiting for next week

  32. xXBAKERXx 55 says:

    Well Jeremy and a race car…..

  33. FutureCars says:

    poor 11 sheeps

  34. that poor subaru

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