The Grand Tour: Farmkhana

The Grand Tour presents Jeremy Clarkson in Farmkhana: Ultimate_Country_Playground #ClarksonEpicDrive

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29 thoughts on “The Grand Tour: Farmkhana

  1. Tax the rich or Jeremy clarkson

  2. YuntioR says:

    so real

  3. Marco Aless. says:

    Roasting ken block at top gear

  4. Velocita says:

    That was hilarious.

  5. Joona Metso says:

    Ken Block really has let himself go. What happened to his face?!

  6. Debasis Sahu says:

    Best part of the show

  7. 이은택 says:


  8. First dislike from Chris Evans

  9. balldontstop says:

    Clarkson > block

  10. AirWolf2301 says:

    All those videos look impressive… but at the same time they feel just like this one. Aka fake thanks to the editing.


  12. Theta Sigma says:

    it was pretty good and convincing imo :D

  13. Dextaa says:

    Jeremy = kenblock

  14. DB ALL says:

    hell yeah

  15. AceBlade says:

    When did Ken Block quit gymkhana?

  16. G Zit says:

    Dat footwork tho

  17. FutureCars says:

    Best fail of the year

  18. Poweeeeeeeeeeer

  19. Elmo says:

    here before 50 views

  20. Its so funny to see him turning the wheel and going in straight line

  21. TrotelHD says:

    That face with the teeth out. If I were a car designer I would style the front of a car like that.

  22. CKP says:

    Better than Gymkhana

    Like if you agree⬇️

  23. hello gajs says:

    lost my shit when I saw it

  24. Simon B says:

    I'll grab the mint sauce!

  25. BOTTOM GEAR says:


  26. Dank Raptor says:

    Jeremy is bae

  27. anime fan says:

    im your first view and like and comment bro

  28. First

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