The Grand Tour: Fire Truck

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have embarked on an unscripted film in Croatia. This means James has set himself to create a fire truck out of a Lada. The result is rather complicated.

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  1. Post By Marek Burian

    The worst episode yet, it was kind of boring

  2. Post By Артём Машков

    Во! Русская машина в своём амплуа

  3. Post By Michael Yo

    worse episode of the series, unscripted idea was horrible. Less stuff and more of u guys being insane together is better.

  4. Post By krishanu tanneru

    This episode was the weakest so far..

  5. Post By Zachi Yenon Yosef

    You need to upload those bits before the episode is available to watch

  6. Post By Kristian Kumpula

    It looks like that fire hose will only be useful if the fire is on the car itself.

  7. Post By Harvey Thompson

    James May was class last episode

  8. Post By Pedro Alves

    Where is the icecream?

  9. Post By Zephyr

    Already watched the whole episode so yea…….

  10. Post By Ewan Weetch


  11. Post By Bol Uguzici

    Lada car best car

  12. Post By Chris Coleman


  13. Post By Kaydn Tan

    that siren

  14. Post By CJGames Man!

    First comment

  15. Post By Joseph Stalin


  16. Post By Kaydn Tan


  17. Post By Isaac Aish


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