The Grand Tour: Jet Engine Test

Jeremy, Richard, and James are attempting to set a new British water speed record for amphibious cars. 85% of all people who attempt this are killed, so logically Jeremy tests a jet engine for the build. Watch The Grand Tour on


  1. Post By Daniel Erhard

    You guys always loved to destroy any stuff around you … AND I LOVE IT TOO

  2. Post By Peter English2

    This is why you can’t give Jeremy anything powerful

  3. Post By 911mporsche

    What is a “Wallis dodo” ?

  4. Post By Mustapha Taki

    next time they will try nuke powered car, i mean! how hard can it be?

  5. Post By Stephen Bachman

    There goes 50k in aircraft

  6. Post By liverush24

    Art Arfons would understand this.

  7. Post By Kelt Thomas

    I live in meltham only half a mile from the airport we could hear them playing with this engine it was great

  8. Post By fourbypete

    Hope they didn't want those wrecked planes.

  9. Post By C4rb0neum

    The entire suspense is cropped out of the video. I can't advertise The Grand Tour by just showing this!!

  10. Post By karan kedar

    so How much did the Bill amount to ? :D

  11. Post By Zac Youngson


  12. Post By Azzagard

    Does that mean the plane isn't taking off then?

  13. Post By Conner Furey

    I was expecting either back to the studio or James to scream that was my plane you half witted oaf

  14. Post By Kharisma A.

    "you witless dodo!" lol

  15. Post By lone wolf

    They made a little wind …

  16. Post By Oliver Strike

    It's these sections that I'm not as keen on. They could demonstrate the power of the engine without pretending this whole thing was an accident. Not everything needs to be a joke, it could just be entertaining. The fakeness detracts from that entertainment for me. The fact this jet engine nearly caused the plane behind it to take off was interesting and they could have done something along those lines. Old Top Gear would have just pushed a caravan behind it or a 2CV and watched the carnage. I enjoy TGT, but this is one of the aspects I would change.

  17. Post By MJDHX

    Run away!

  18. Post By Abraham Atticus

    Can someone tell me where I can see the full program?thanks!

  19. Post By cowboytissue

    This is exactly the kind of bad scripting and low hanging fruit jokes that people complain about. This wasn't funny it was cringe worthy. You guys can't act.

  20. Post By R Twix


  21. Post By Hector Ferrer


  22. Post By Lastkoss

    I loved this episode the three worst engineer at there best.

  23. Post By nybotor

    Now that’s what I call POWERRRRRRRR!!!

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