The Grand Tour: Legally Tesla

In a test of the Tesla Model X, Jeremy Clarkson is joined by lawyers in this legally perilous task. Watch The Grand Tour on ****These observations about the Tesla Model X are made in Clarkson’s personal capacity and should not be regarded as any statement or opinion by any other person or entity about the general safety, road worthiness, mechanical effectiveness, or any other standards of the vehicle about this specific model or any other Tesla vehicle.

22 thoughts on “The Grand Tour: Legally Tesla

  1. ccubsfan94 says:

    Those lawyers really got on my nerves, if there's one phrase I can't stand its "we're not going to go there."

  2. Conor York says:

    Trump 2020

  3. EasyNfresh says:

    Lawyers sure seem fun.

  4. Okey Ezeilo says:

    Vintage Clarkson…!

  5. His nemesis

  6. Chris Blunt says:

    That’s odd my petrol car manufactures says I should get 58mpg but yet I only get 36?

  7. He should take his own advice and shut up.

  8. terenfro1975 says:

    Too bad he didn't mention the Tesla auto drive decapitating one of Tesla's biggest Youtube fan boys. Maybe they should let Hammond do their auto drive segment since he has experience with crashes.

  9. AOR xMinxG says:

    Man I hate Tesla. I'm all for electric cars but why, why are they so popular!? Tesla are commercial rubbish, the very cancer of capitalism, who make cars because they are devices in their creators eyes, rather than living things like hybrids eg. McLaren p1, laferrari and the 918(Yes I said it those cars have souls, end of!). The v6 hybrids powering f1 cars have way more soul than anything elons cancer tusk (see what I did there) will throw out there. He's good for one thing and that's space x.

  10. Clarkson is such a childish tool. I don't miss him one bit.

  11. Look at the knockers on her

  12. S Martin says:

    The thing I don't like about Tesla is their excessive marketing. The X won't do nought to sixty in 2.9s. It takes about 15min to get it ready to go. So what's the point?
    Oh and btw, Jeremy, you will not be electrocuted in an electric car unless it is powered from the mains. The reason is quite simple, the GND of the battery is not the GND you are standing on. So there is no electrical connection between your feet and the battery. So no current is flowing, no electrocution is happening.

  13. Matt561 says:

    It does fit a lot of people in it

  14. Ca Bal says:

    Finally, Tesla is redeemed. Test the new Roadster Jeremy, 10k NM!

  15. JUSTIN_LZT says:


  16. John Munro says:

    I seem to recall Tesla sued Clarkson…. and lost. I'm actually a big fan of Tesla, and I'm sure Clarkson was being silly. But Musk needs to get thicker skin.

  17. I wonder how scripted is this one, would the car just brake down? "Petrol is the Future, Not Electric Cars", remember?

  18. No Shit says:

    It was like holding my breath for 2minites

  19. Aside from Richard Hammond’s electric car crash incident that caught on fire. There’s also Nissan GT-R who crashed into a BYD e6 taxi at Shenzhen that wasn’t mentioned. The BYD e6 taxi caught on fire and killed 3 people that were trapped inside. BYD is a Chinese electric car company where Warren Buffet is a major investor.

  20. Andy says:

    Why didn’t they let Hamster drive them – off a cliff…!!!

  21. jesus jones says:

    lawyers = lucifer worshippers.

  22. jesus jones says:

    Lawyers or blood suckers? energy vampires?

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