The Grand Tour: On the Beach in Barbados

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are attempting to build a new coral reef using cars in Barbados. Unfortunately things might not have gone to plan. Watch The Grand Tour on Prime Video.

27 thoughts on “The Grand Tour: On the Beach in Barbados

  1. burak ozc says:

    Exploding ropes wow…

  2. Echa says:


  3. J Steeler says:

    Is this the almond beach resort

  4. So how was your holiday? Oh yeah it was smashing: Sandy beaches, the sun and James May driving a digger into some sunbeds.

  5. Billie says:

    I can't understand this program it seems rather more for a childish less intelligent persons programme for the lower class of people messing around on beaches with machinery it seems a bit Common

  6. Le Derp says:

    What a bunch of colossal idiots. I love it.

  7. Sue Harrison says:

    Looks great !

  8. Le Docteur says:

    Les idée de clarston…

  9. Steve Arthur says:

    Lots of beached whales

  10. At 0:46 was that Casey's wife

  11. Diro says:

    0:44 – Old chick to the right, red stripe bikini, what a fucking body!

  12. I was in barbados when this happend

  13. his fucking laugh at 1:28

  14. 0:49 that Half Life 2 sound effect XD

  15. KoopaXross says:

    Tug-o-war of fail.

  16. Obviously Barbados is the fucking fat peoples holiday choice.

  17. Connor Black says:


  18. powwweeeeeeerrrrrrr

  19. Solonduin says:

    how long before jeremy punches a amazon producer will it be taken up and be a netflix origional?

  20. nick mcarr says:

    wow, you picture Barbados as being full of lithe, hot women. apparently really not the case…

  21. Sam Nub says:

    0:49 sounds like the stock sound that the Source engine uses lmao

  22. 1:30 Rick Harrison spotted

  23. Farid Amin says:

    this is so freaking hilarious, and those trios are the best of the best of all times.

  24. RIDHO .OKTA says:


  25. Ushio01 says:

    All that money paid for a vacation and the goon patrol ruin it.

  26. The Iceman says:

    the one and only jezza

  27. kize32 says:

    0:45 you're welcome!

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