The Grand Tour: Season 2, Episode 11 – Mozambique Special

‘Feed the World’ – In this mini -special, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May decide to attempt to end world hunger with an incredible journey across Mozambique. The three notice that people in the coastal regions of this country are well-fed on the bountiful supplies of fish from the ocean, while those in the interior exist on the brink of hunger. Their solution is to find a way to transport that fish inland but, predictably, they cannot agree on the best method to do this. With Clarkson in a Nissan pick-up, May in an old Mercedes 200T, and Hammond on a brand new TVS Star motorcycle, the three invent different methods of food transportation and set off an epic, challenging and extraordinary journey to try and save the world.

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  1. Post By Διαμαντής Ζιόγκος

    Finally special!!

  2. Post By atif

    this is going to be a good friday night

  3. Post By john wayne94

    One thousand thumbs-up, zero thumbs-down – THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF THE GRAND TOUR.

  4. Post By Neil Henderson

    1k likes, 0 dislikes… dayum

  5. Post By Husker54

    In tonights motering show. I breath loudly. , James gets wet and Hammond says ouch.

  6. Post By blabla62871

    second season is much better.

  7. Post By FullForceDrummer

    poor w123

  8. Post By Tsar Nicholas II

    Nepal special?

  9. Post By Ali Hamad

    The best show presenters ever

  10. Post By Madhav Sharma

    On tonights show I back into james, richard gets dirty and james gets wet…..literally

  11. Post By SMGJohn

    Its the episode we all been waiting for!

  12. Post By Husker54

    omg im so hyped xD

  13. Post By JoshWarrior

    Cannot wait for this.

  14. Post By Zack Spencer

    The specials are always great! Roll on Friday

  15. Post By Michael Johnson

    This why they'll always be the best show…in the world!

  16. Post By Count Gustav


  17. Post By Heidi Bradshaw

    The Three Musketeers at their best!

  18. Post By 387534 7582782

    Screw the studio/tent stuff just go on a grand tour like this every week.

  19. Post By Flaming Emu

    Well, it's good to see Hammond isn't crashing anymore

  20. Post By Eagle's Grove

    The poor Mercedes 123!

  21. Post By Joao

    Jesus is my High

  22. Post By Bagas Prasetia

    This is what I've been waiting for

  23. Post By fallfromgrave

    The song you have chosen for this season – live an let die – is that some sort of a hint that this the last one?

  24. Post By Joao


  25. Post By Tajemniczy

    Cheap car challenge we have all been waiting for!

  26. Post By Olaf16

    Faith in humanity restorted. 547 likes, 0 dislikes

  27. Post By asees sibia

    Cant wait

  28. Post By FixXxeRArM

    I love specials!!!

  29. Post By willi3200


  30. Post By Is [N0T] 42

    Is he going to crash the bike as well?

  31. Post By Arbrax

    i knew hammond would crash more than once this season

  32. Post By True Skater Gaming

    the best episode

  33. Post By FedoraMcGentlesir

    OLIVER! We miss you!

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