The Grand Tour: Season 2, Episode 8 Trailer

Blasts from the Past: Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond visit some evocative old motorsport locations in Europe using a pair of re-born 1950s sports cars, painstakingly rebuilt by their manufacturers to the original designs. With Clarkson in the Aston Martin DB4 GT lightweight and Hammond in the Jaguar XKSS, the pair start their adventure on the street circuit in Pau, France before their fun is interrupted by the arrival of James May in a modern Honda Civic Type R which he insists is better in every way. Also in this show, Jeremy takes care of some unfinished business by track testing the Ford GT first seen on the road in episode 2, and Celebrity Face Off finds the world’s fastest drummer from a band beginning with the letter P as Stewart Copeland from The Police competes against Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason.


  1. Post By Blake Swan

    Easily one of the worst episodes. You use old UK cars as the standard of old car reliability….

  2. Post By Jarvo Hull

    How did May's hair grow back that long from the last weeks episode 7

  3. Post By Jxdrift97

    Type R hell yes

  4. Post By Kesselbums

    The Grand Tour is like a parody of Top Gear with three brobdingnagian Hosts

  5. Post By ArabianKnight7771

    Good episode

  6. Post By ARRJAY

    Regrettably, and despite their ongoing efforts, the producers of The Grand Tour have still not managed to kill off Jeremy Clarkson. Though, they seem to have a few practice goes with Richard Hammond.

  7. Post By Aleksandar Aleksic

    The best sounding episode ever.That Aston, that straight six, just … my God!

  8. Post By Andy Hardisty

    Anyone notice James's Jacket? it's the jacket he wore on the very last episode of Top Gear.

  9. Post By Reynaldi Gunawan

    You just up your game this season. Well played. They (you know who) had it.

  10. Post By That's what she said

    The celebrity part is too long. I'd like to see the celebreties race against each other on a real track with a boring car that as become a racing car (like a sandero). You also could make a kind of qualifying during all the episode and then for the last episode you re-invite all the qualified celebrities and make a race, that would be pretty cool. But for now it's too much chit chat and quite soporific.

  11. Post By Stan Williams

    Getting boring boy's. Too many hyper shit which none of us will ever afford. You briefly mentioned the Dodge Demon earlier and that was it .Helloooooo. I've been a boy racer for 45 years,,and in all those years I've Never raced around a council estate. All racing is done on a long stretch of road. Acceleration is everything in the real world. We've all seen how a 125 c.c scooter beats a superbike round silly bends, it's just common sense lightness beats weight round corners. Corners are boring !!! 1/8ths and 1/4rs are real life ☺

  12. Post By ArabianKnight7771

    Wow these Guys are the best, another good episode

  13. Post By Idi Basri

    would've been interesting if clarkson mentioned nick lended clarkson his enzo in a tv show from a galaxy far far away.

  14. Post By Lewis Edwards

    I want that aston so bad, like so so bad.

  15. Post By asrsi

    I wish Porsche would remake the Porsche 550 Spyder!Sad James Dean lost his live in one… :-(BTW: Look at the Porsche 550 Spyder and than on the on the Jaguar XKSS! I think, one is a copy of the other! ;-)But anyway, I love old cars! They are mostly beautiful design!The Ford looks ugly and sounds bad. Typical US plastic bomber…And finally, Hammond learned his lesson!

  16. Post By simgorm

    The good thing in the UK is that you can get this from 11pm on Thursday, great to see them back with their mojo.

  17. Post By Ocojyo San

    The Grand Tour is the BEST.

  18. Post By neil narwade


  19. Post By the toaster

    Song name?

  20. Post By Dragonlady474

    Another great episode!

  21. Post By Nick Schireson

    This episode is amazing

  22. Post By Gregory Veizades

    Dear The Grand Tour.Yes.That is all.

  23. Post By PotionsYT

    I’m waiting for battleships as cars episode

  24. Post By GRI3V Racing

    What happened to James being the one stuck in the past?

  25. Post By miller nathan

    In 1988 I took a 1972Vega Yenko Stinger around the track at Daytona. Terrifying, looked straight out the drivers window and was looking at the ground.

  26. Post By voidz

    Episode 8 already?

  27. Post By Emanel Blp


  28. Post By Arturo Tabera

    "It's in!" That's what she said…

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