The Grand Tour: Season 2, Episode 9 Trailer

Breaking Badly – The Grand Tour attempts to set a new British water speed record for amphibious cars. A staggering 85 percent of all people who try to break records on water are killed but this doesn’t put off Clarkson, Hammond and May as they set about building their own road legal machine from an unholy union of car, boat and jet engine and then use it to spear across the choppy waters of a vast lake during something called “Coniston Speed Week”. Also in this show, Jeremy makes a nostalgic trip to the Eboladrome to drive a pair of incredible supercars from the early 1990s, the Jaguar XJ220 and the Bugatti EB 110 Super Sport. Plus, Celebrity Face Off finds the world’s fastest magician as Dynamo goes head-to-head against Penn & Teller.

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49 thoughts on “The Grand Tour: Season 2, Episode 9 Trailer

  1. Terry Winter says:

    What monumental nonsense this show is, and that jet boat could go much faster than that, why cant they do things without all the scripted idiotic accidents

  2. Blake Swan says:

    Can't you guys do track times in the US? I was excited to see the lap time untill, shock, it's raining…..

  3. Idtelos says:

    There's poooo!!!!

  4. Liam Dean says:

    even abortion confidence regulatory dish pitch race figure shop where one.

  5. ok skin scandal secretary curve button found raw contrast

  6. Ibrar Ali says:

    That xj220 tho

  7. upload some full episodes

  8. Speedy2619 says:

    great Episode i still laugh tears :D

  9. spaten100 says:

    Last two episodes brought back the true spirit guys! More of that please

  10. Fadil K says:

    They are nailing this fucking season 2 rightly so

  11. The best episode of this season!!!I can't wait for the special episodes!!!

  12. nathenandrew says:

    God I miss these guys, shame I will NEVER get Amazon prime.

  13. do you really believe that only they 3 modify cars?

  14. Gary Wait says:

    I hate this not being on national TV I'm not one to go touching amazon's stick sound s a bit wrong

  15. Dagoowa says:

    “You have your hand on my gentleman’s sausage” – Richard Hammond

  16. after seeing it,
    best episode of the season so far IMO.

    and celebrity face-off was actually good since it featured Penn and Teller.

  17. mPky1 says:

    How many pages in the Grand Tour contract with Amazon say you can only visit America, talk about America, drive American cars….?

    Doesnt Grand Tour mean a tour that goes everywhere ? Where is the everywhere ? What happened to trips to places never on the news ? Places people have never seen in Africa ? What happened to adventures like Argentina, finding the source of the Nile ?

  18. Greg Dundee says:

    Now that was a fantastic episode. They've really hit their stride now


  20. GamingGoose says:

    We set out to construct an amphibious vehicle, not that we have any experience with such a task

  21. I watched and they set a new record!

  22. Sunny Liu says:

    Hold up, did you give Hammond the keys to a Jaguar XJ220?! It’ll be in bits by the end of the episode…

  23. How many episodes left?

  24. John Sim says:

    Most of that will be getting fast-forwarded.   Old bangers, Celebrity F-off, and conversation street will be skipped.   XJ-220 looks to be the only part worth watching.

    Another episode they couldn't fill with quality features.   How many times did they have floating cars when they did Top Gear?   Even the last series of Top Gear did that again!

  25. Kenneth NSB says:

    Gentlemen's sausage

  26. Samir Asderm says:

    season 1 was good .season 2 not so much so far

  27. oh, my baby is there! it's the xj220❤️

  28. twe enyss says:

    Took them a series to find their feet,but on the whole the second series is brilliant,the bbc f***ed up royally losing these three.

  29. huss1205 says:

    the episode is coming in less than 2 and a half hour, hard to wait…

  30. TopComicX says:

    This is an episode worth watching.

  31. AlexSO11 says:

    Brilliant to see these 3 return to amphibious cars! This should be a good one!

  32. Abe Froman says:

    yesssssssssss…….EB110. My FAVORITE!!!

  33. The BoSS says:

    Best show ever

  34. luca gabel says:

    I look forward to this one

  35. Breezy says:

    How hard can it be?

  36. badsheep qou says:

    why is this only on amazon?

  37. Reminds me of that hovercraft thing they made with that van for the floods… seems like another crazy fun episode!

  38. Van De jesus says:

    Do a youtube upload please

  39. David Diaz says:

    Yeaah the old monkey business!!

  40. The Bugatti got me excited

  41. James Ch says:


  42. Just as long as their are no horses…

  43. Is that Penn and Teller? Yeah!

  44. smnwri says:

    TV for 10 year olds.

  45. Happalula says:

    Watch this!

  46. Give it a sri lankan tour… Got a splendid tropical country with a unique car culture and most importantly second hand cars appreciate in value like no other country

  47. SayanGoko says:

    What is it with you and Jag's???!

  48. Tommy712rus says:

    "Gentlemen sausage"

  49. Ketan Chugh says:


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