The Grand Tour: Starting the Water Speed Record Attempt

Jeremy, Richard, and James are at Coniston Speed Week attempting to set a new British water speed record for amphibious cars. 85% of all people who attempt this are killed. This vehicle is a death trap. Watch The Grand Tour on


  1. Post By Meade77

    The Grand Tour is really getting good! It's starting to remind me of Top Gear! This was the best challenge they've done so far! No lame humor, no fake deaths, just the boys building something awesome and then putting it to the test. More of this thanks!

  2. Post By Jonathan Boustead

    this was impressive. well done lads.

  3. Post By Αλέξανδρος Γκαμανής

    R. I. P. Jeremy Clarkson (1861-2018)

  4. Post By JackstandJohnny

    I dont know where else to put this so…WE LOVE YOUR NEW DRIVER. As an American I thank you for getting rid of the stereotypical redneck and bringing in that gorgeous, badass driver youve got now. You need to say Her name more in the show! I love that She doesnt say much, She just gives consistent lap times with phenonimal driving. Its always a joy watching Her drive.

  5. Post By Arif Hussain

    While we the ones with no amazon prime are watching the trailers

  6. Post By Bernie Wong

    Jeremy is REALLLLLLY brave in that death trap

  7. Post By FoodforThought

    i prefer matt le blanc on top gear

  8. Post By Zetroc Rellik

    Why does the map in the opening credits show Scotland and Wales as outside the UK?

  9. Post By Zetroc Rellik

    How much has Jaguar Land Rover paid to be featured in every episode this season? ;o)

  10. Post By Kingchoo's Rolling Studios

    I love how clueless May and Hammond are…it's just so funny to me xD

  11. Post By Lamborghini Boss

    At least the steering is better than that one hovercraft he drove in St.Petersburg in Russia lol anyone remember that?

  12. Post By R DUBB

    Another great accomplishment by the BEST TRIO ON T.V!

  13. Post By Owen. Salisbury.

    Don't get as many views as top gear.

  14. Post By nybotor

    Gillette, the best a man can get.Clarkson, the wettest a man can get.

  15. Post By Junky DIY guy

    So that's Hammond's idea of "handles like a dream". No wonder why he crashes all the time.

  16. Post By Brad Murrani

    Jeremy: "…crash into the bloody safety boat""That looks tremendous!" -said James May

  17. Post By James Byford

    Lake coniston

  18. Post By iare19

    Season 2 is good

  19. Post By GM V8

    He's like my friends playing SIM racing for the first time.

  20. Post By Phil B

    Even in the short clip he shows a phenomenal amount of over correction to his steering input. Did the production company not think to put him through an RYA Level 2 (minimum) Powerboat Course to give him some skill and guidance? Oh no I forgot – that wouldn't make interesting "failure" TV would it…

  21. Post By John Ulicky

    Being from murika I had never heard of this. Then the day after this episode, Im binge watching Wheeler Dealers, and they have a Bond Bug!!

  22. Post By Virality Factor

    So Jeremy has speedboat racing license , Hammond has a helicopter license and May has a light aircraft license…Nice..!

  23. Post By kevs' life

    Is that Coniston?

  24. Post By ali khan

    The Grand tour or The Jaguar tour ???

  25. Post By Rafa el

    Release the video of the cam from the interior of the remiac fuckeers

  26. Post By SMM Gooz


  27. Post By Денис Теребинов

    no information of this record in the internet

  28. Post By Higaming


  29. Post By Tsar Nicholas II

    As always the Grand Tour is 10/10 perfect this week.

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