The Grand Tour: Starting up the Craft

James and Richard have taken over the build of an amphibious vehicle to break the speed record for amphibious cars. They have created a simple start up process which even Jeremy Clarkson could handle. Watch The Grand Tour on

36 thoughts on “The Grand Tour: Starting up the Craft

  1. this film was so good!

  2. Hammmmoonndd!!

  3. KAYHAAN says:

    I can't believe it…. :) well done jezzzzza!

  4. jujitsujew23 says:

    FINALLY! This is the type of thing they should be doing more of on the show!!

  5. Phone User says:

    Your show is boring especially the celebrity crap.

  6. Diana Bond says:

    OMG, James’ coat; he wore that for the Polar Special !

  7. It's getting more and more like classic Top Gear again, and I love it.

  8. pra izz says:

    James May you should regrow your hair :D

  9. Le Docteur says:

    Le pire c'est qui va pulvériser le record de 13 klm !

  10. Terry Winter says:

    What monumental nonsense this show is, and that jet boat could go much faster than that, why cant they do things without all the scripted idiotic accidents

  11. MrTJPAS says:

    Jeez, The Pond Bug is like the War Rig from Mad Max with how it has that complicated multi-step start up procedure, except the War Rig was deliberately complicated.

  12. officer 612 says:

    Why can't you let Hammond drive it……oh wait

  13. Please sink!

  14. drstrr says:

    I like the switch that's labeled as: Wiper. Lol

  15. At the end, Jeremy swearing….priceless!!

  16. James McKay says:

    Best episode of the season I think.

    I am starting to wonder if Jaguar are sponsoring TGT this season though…

  17. Why is he just going round and round? Hahahaha classic James.

  18. GM V8 says:

    "… and you do that using this !?! .. That just teases it in. A little push, a little push, and it goes in."

  19. I need this "thing".

  20. BlackWind says:

    One of the most enjoyable and funny films of this season and it wasn't even about cars

  21. Делайте и на русском тоже пж

  22. This is the fastest amphibious vehicle (pause) in the world

  23. Lord Turban says:

    Another solid episode

  24. mynameisjoey says:

    JJ won the fight!

  25. how is it possible captain slow made the fastest amphibious car in England?

  26. George Jacob says:

    Suitable number plate for Clarkson!

  27. Gere Samu says:

    It would be good if they made more episodes like this

  28. I want James’s coat and Richards jacket

  29. Andy Smith says:

    This was so cool because I saw it from my school up the road! Loads of boats going up and down!

  30. Aden Lamb says:

    I SAW ONE OF THESE TODAY!(the bond bug)

  31. Spoiler : Jeremy flips the boat off a cliff face and catches it on fire

  32. This was bloody hilarious to watch

  33. Twenty 20 says:

    They built a death trap which didn’t work, THEY FAILED THE MISSION

  34. Join the craft

  35. Wow i'm early

  36. iLupi says:

    James can't remember a course with 11 turns but can remember a 45 step procedure for getting that craft off the road and to work in the water.

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