The Grand Tour: Starting up the Craft

James and Richard have taken over the build of an amphibious vehicle to break the speed record for amphibious cars. They have created a simple start up process which even Jeremy Clarkson could handle. Watch The Grand Tour on


  1. Post By Jonathan Boustead

    this film was so good!

  2. Post By JebakanBetmeen


  3. Post By KAYHAAN

    I can't believe it…. :) well done jezzzzza!

  4. Post By jujitsujew23

    FINALLY! This is the type of thing they should be doing more of on the show!!

  5. Post By Phone User

    Your show is boring especially the celebrity crap.

  6. Post By Diana Bond

    OMG, James’ coat; he wore that for the Polar Special !

  7. Post By Marcellius Ika Permadi

    It's getting more and more like classic Top Gear again, and I love it.

  8. Post By pra izz

    James May you should regrow your hair :D

  9. Post By Le Docteur

    Le pire c'est qui va pulvériser le record de 13 klm !

  10. Post By Terry Winter

    What monumental nonsense this show is, and that jet boat could go much faster than that, why cant they do things without all the scripted idiotic accidents

  11. Post By MrTJPAS

    Jeez, The Pond Bug is like the War Rig from Mad Max with how it has that complicated multi-step start up procedure, except the War Rig was deliberately complicated.

  12. Post By officer 612

    Why can't you let Hammond drive it……oh wait

  13. Post By Yorkshire Outdoors

    Please sink!

  14. Post By drstrr

    I like the switch that's labeled as: Wiper. Lol

  15. Post By Entitledprick

    At the end, Jeremy swearing….priceless!!

  16. Post By James McKay

    Best episode of the season I think.I am starting to wonder if Jaguar are sponsoring TGT this season though…

  17. Post By Mansoor Habib

    Why is he just going round and round? Hahahaha classic James.

  18. Post By GM V8

    "… and you do that using this !?! .. That just teases it in. A little push, a little push, and it goes in."

  19. Post By Samus Aran CZ

    I need this "thing".

  20. Post By BlackWind

    One of the most enjoyable and funny films of this season and it wasn't even about cars

  21. Post By междусобойчик xD

    Делайте и на русском тоже пж

  22. Post By DesserTS0STresseD

    This is the fastest amphibious vehicle (pause) in the world

  23. Post By Lord Turban

    Another solid episode

  24. Post By mynameisjoey

    JJ won the fight!

  25. Post By L'eon Romanazzi

    how is it possible captain slow made the fastest amphibious car in England?

  26. Post By George Jacob

    Suitable number plate for Clarkson!

  27. Post By Gere Samu

    It would be good if they made more episodes like this

  28. Post By Tsar Nicholas II

    I want James’s coat and Richards jacket

  29. Post By Andy Smith

    This was so cool because I saw it from my school up the road! Loads of boats going up and down!

  30. Post By Aden Lamb

    I SAW ONE OF THESE TODAY!(the bond bug)

  31. Post By joseph pallan

    Spoiler : Jeremy flips the boat off a cliff face and catches it on fire

  32. Post By HELLRAISER Gaming

    This was bloody hilarious to watch

  33. Post By Twenty 20

    They built a death trap which didn’t work, THEY FAILED THE MISSION

  34. Post By Manny Flapjack

    Join the craft

  35. Post By Kurafuto Mine

    Wow i'm early

  36. Post By iLupi

    James can't remember a course with 11 turns but can remember a 45 step procedure for getting that craft off the road and to work in the water.

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