The Grand Tour: Terrified in Namibia

On The Grand Tour Namibia special, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May traverse some spectacular dunes. Unfortunately, not everything goes to plan as Richard Hammond finds out. Watch The Grand Tour Namibia special on Prime Video.

35 thoughts on “The Grand Tour: Terrified in Namibia

  1. Diana Bond says:

    omfg, for a minute then I thought Hamster was a goner . I was like – “Hammond ? omg no !” I had tears forming and everything, some even beginning to fall from my watery eyes . seeing Jeremys concern for Richard was unbelievable, amazing ! James must’ve been so on-edge hearing that over the intercom ! but then I realised, I was like “thank f*ck for that ! Hamsters ok !”

    and they say they don’t care about one another but that’s all lies ! literally, look at some of Hammonds latests accidents – read the news a little; they wouldn’t be able to cope without one another !

  2. Where's Namibia? I've heard of Nambia, but not Namibia… Have they misspelled it?

  3. Bento says:

    It makes you wonder if the Hamster tries to break bones on purpose…

  4. Oscar Park says:

    This is one of my favorite episodes of tg/gt .. I have no idea why I found myself jealous of 3 old men being miserable in the desert, but I watched this repeatedly …

  5. And on that bomb shell

  6. Vasco Neto says:

    "Hammond, I don't know seriously! … Shit he's gone"
    dramatic sting
    I'm fucking destroyed lmao.

  7. I genuinely thought Clarkson was shocked by if Hammond had died. Don't know why I thought that happened, thankfully he's ok.

  8. Now it's actually called Nambia.

  9. To me, this was the funniest scene ever im season 1.

  10. Sarah Foster says:

    I love how Jeremy was so concerned

  11. jezza shit himself

  12. holy shit

  13. "HOW THE #### DID YOU GET DOWN THERE?????"

  14. waqar khan says:

    how the heck did Richard Hammond survive that fall and live to tell the tailor

  15. LEM1298 says:

    Very good episode and special! The whole special felt way more realistic and less scripted than all the episodes before. The guys seemed to have more fun with each other and were much funnier (imo). As an old TopGear fan I loved the special, keep it up!

  16. Best show ever!

  17. Alec Hall says:

    nobody is going to film something in 4k that isn't scripted, be real people

  18. Ross Jenkins says:

    This was the most Roadkill episode of TGT ever. I love it!

  19. KyleJS _ says:


  20. TheSpector says:

    not as good as the original top gear specials so far…I'm waiting on part 2

  21. Kronos says:

    The Grand Script*

  22. rorybone100 says:

    2 hours solid of the guys travelling across Namibian beach and desert in roughly similar cars. Sorry to say this because I was looking forward hugely to the GT special, but this was just dire.

  23. the special episodes in the past have been better this was the last straw for me and the grand tour im not saying these 2 episodes were bad but they just werent good enough for these 3 baffoons im sorry if you hate my comment and im sorry for not agreeing with all the fans i was once a fan the grand tour has killed the british out of these 3 and as special do go this has been the worst one not bad considering all that money they had for this series i just dont see where it all went think they have done things on the cheap and put the rest in some off shore bank account i was hoping for alot more since they left/sacked from top gear well all i can say is im actually looking forward to the new top gear now the ginger twat has gone even might try fifth gear if thats even still going and if all else fails i have dave to watch

    sorry for not typing in english exam mode ive always been useless with punctuation :)

  24. Eric Yong says:

    Best GT episode yet

  25. I think the main reason why people are unhappy with this is because the show is trying too hard to be serious. There's always epic music playing and everything that the guys say or do seems like it was planned from the very beginning. In Top Gear, every serious, scripted scene was offset by a scene where they would just talk to each other off to the side or on the radio and genuinely seem like simple, unscripted banter. Top Gear was also good at being aware of what happened around the trio, finding funny animals to film or strange things to look at, sometimes even bringing the filming crew into shot, but here it's just a back and forth cycle through each of the three presenters; "here's a bit of Clarkson, now here's some May, oh let's see what Hammond is up to!"

    The comedy that we loved about Top Gear was pure British comedy, but with The Grand Tour they're trying to bring in American aspects of comedy which end up overshadowing everything and ruining it.

  26. My jaw dropped! lol, loved the orangutan's reaction, he's a softy!

  27. Dark Tenka says:

    This episode was legit … true return to form. Cant wait for part 2!

  28. cowboytissue says:

    Finally an episode that held up to the expectations when they announced they were making the Grand Tour. More like this, cut the other shit right out.

  29. Doug T says:

    you can tell there is genuine care in Jeremy's face when Hammond went over the edge. you joke about hating each other but the truth shows through.

  30. Doug T says:

    not sure why this was made into a two part show, especially with episode 1 being 44 minutes.

  31. DUNE buggies!!! DUNE.

  32. Kevin Smith says:

    Richard's Dune Buggy is awesome. Definitely the beetle I would take for a Namibian adventure.

  33. biss says:

    a 2-3 minute clip would be better that 5 30 sec videos…

  34. kev1nFTW says:

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