The Grand Tour: That Incomparable Bond

On The Grand Tour Season 2 Mozambique mini-special, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May show what makes their chemistry unlike any others: the bond of hatred. Watch all episodes of The Grand Tour on

33 thoughts on “The Grand Tour: That Incomparable Bond

  1. Ghorn Is bae says:

    This "loving" bond is what made the old top gear so great and why we followed them to the grand tour. Truly entertaining.

  2. Anton3710 says:

    One of the best special episodes ever

  3. I'm surprised no one decided to go all Boris Johnson on their ass…

  4. Andrew says:

    Спасибо, это невероятно сильно было

  5. BFFs

  6. Absolutely love these guys and their rants.

  7. DEPROJECT says:

    disappointing finale

  8. Zbyněk Fojt says:

    This is episode was the worst of them all. Second series had been looking good but last episode ruined it all. I think I will cancel my subscription.

  9. We need more episodes like these

  10. Ardimo Harsa says:

    I laughed when James is mad to.both Jeremy and Hammond. Probably he's really pissed off because now he don't have to deal with that broken engine

  11. Joao says:

    What about the honey badger?

  12. tech and fun says:

    can't waiting for season 3

  13. OK its time now …
    no body`s ever said this on a car show before
    … we are gonna save the world .
    engine cranking
    engine cranking
    engine cranking
    engine cranking
    engine cranking
    engine cranking
    engine cranking
    engine cranking
    There you go .

  14. The Grand Tour Will be HIT EKSTRA HIT

  15. m. momin says:


  16. Rolilasx says:

    Damn, I hit the replay like 15 times when James threw that stuff in his rear window, Jeremy`s face was priceless

  17. Felix says:

    Love is in the Air

  18. It is so sweet how as this episode went on they genuinely hated each other more and more. It would be great if all the behind the scenes footage of Clarkson acting like a spoiled man baby leaked.

  19. Vurkant _YT says:

    Я один русский

  20. Ace Sul says:

    Why don't they just flood the entire road and then the fish can swim all the way to the village?

  21. So he's not driving then

  22. Pretty hilarious episode. Every time Clarkson mentioned the cold smoked kippers I laughed like crazy. Diesel smoked fish lol.

  23. John Samer says:

    he's like Jerry Springer's evil twin

  24. I feel bad for James :(

  25. Good Video

  26. Sven Lima says:

    I liked it. However, bringing dead fish to that miserable village was kind of cynical.

  27. Robert Hall says:

    I think the next video should be Hammonds 'wrong way up'

  28. Joe D says:


  29. I was would've chosen a Jeep Cherokee.

  30. AutoAgitator says:

    I know James was actually sad to have his Mercedes destroyed

  31. Cesc Sierra says:

    i like this

  32. And on that bombshell…

  33. TrotelHD says:

    Well. I think the years haven‘t done well for all three men.

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