The Grand Tour: The 1983 Rally Rivalry

One of our favourite moments from The Grand Tour Season 2. A look at the epic struggle between the mighty Audi Quattros and the underdog Lancia 037s in the 1983 world rally championship. A battle between 2WD vs 4WD. Watch The Grand Tour now on

22 thoughts on “The Grand Tour: The 1983 Rally Rivalry

  1. Lorendrawn says:

    28 jumps and 1 BMW disliked this video

  2. Pah i could beat clarkson hammond may in a go kart race round a multi story carpark and mall so i say (ACCEPT MY CHALLENGE ) if you 3 dare

  3. If he didn’t want to fly in a car, then he doesn’t accept a good challenge

  4. saszeta says:

    Lancia – history of cheating

  5. Oh I’d love a go

  6. Alan Smithee says:

    Interestingly, Rohrl didn't even win the race at Sanremo, he came 2nd – even after that many stage wins.

  7. Mohsinwa says:

    When JC narrates… he is actually delivering verses of automation religion.

  8. His appreciation for history is second to none. I absolutely adore this film, and others like it.

  9. speed3fux says:

    L A N C I A. A legend of passion, beautiness, history.

  10. Phepheron says:

    I am watching this every single day for the past week.

  11. Hanging Ape says:

    The most beautiful and inspiring rally car.

  12. Zeck says:

    Jeremy should have a show on racing things like this Ayrton Senna on TG, this segment on GT…

  13. Eloy Pink says:

    This is how you can do it. Easy.

  14. TEAM DJVX says:

    We need season 3

  15. thedr00 says:

    I don't remember this sequence at all: Which episode was it from?

  16. Jeremy D says:

    best story Clarkson has ever done!

  17. lancia <3<3<3, such a shame how the manufacturer end, although they built some of the best cars in history like delta hf integrale, stratos, thema 8.32, 037, delta s4.

  18. R.I.P Grand Tour

  19. DutchFurnace says:

    Guys, I sit behind my computer 16 hours a day doing nothing but watch series, and surf the internet and I JUST found out you were doing a new show called "The Grand Tour" after getting a random recommendation video of someone giving their opinion on there apparently not going to be a fourth season. – That's – how I realized there's already apparently been two full seasons.
    I mean, I've seen some short videos here and there, but I thought they were one off skits/advertisement and didn't realize they were part of a new show.

    You guys should really spread the message some more and see how the rates are for season 3 and only – then – think if you want to do another season.

    Going to watch episode one season one now.

  20. RIP! Yep the show is just not that good. Face it.

  21. So why not renewing your contract to make season 4?

  22. One of the best films the guys have made

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