The Grand Tour: The Lamborghini Huracán Performante

On #TheGrandTour, Richard Hammond tests the new Lamborghini Huracán Performante. Watch The Grand Tour on

44 thoughts on “The Grand Tour: The Lamborghini Huracán Performante

  1. queenform says:

    that V10 is like an ASMR to my ears

  2. young judas says:

    Grand Tour Track Lap Time No.1

  3. Is this the car jake Paul has

  4. Stefan Huber says:

    Pay imagine join discovery confuse show weekly date

  5. La Stiletto says:

    Stupid thing. Gallardo Supperlegerra still king.

  6. Hotdog 5967 says:

    Active Lamborghini Aerodynamics? More like Active Audi Aerodynamics.

  7. Exotic95 says:

    It is the second sequel to the Series 22 Ep1 of TopGear

  8. Even if Grand Tour wasn't such a cool show, I would watch it to see Abbie Eaton's beautiful eyes in that helmet :-)
    And, damn she can drive!

  9. I think The most powerful is Aventador

  10. What a brilliant car

  11. Kaseph 1 says:

    still waiting for lamborghini hybrid car

  12. GT Rulz says:

    IT`S COLD!

  13. Ken Block says:

    Jake Paul

  14. Mahdi Jafari says:

    It is forged carbon fibre

  15. SickboyOuO says:

    I’m waiting for the superleggera version of this.

  16. If you want to be someone, you should buy a ferrari. If you are someone you should buy a lamborghini

  17. Mrakmal 69 says:

    Shit lawa kaler sia

  18. This car should not have been, the GT2 RS 2018 Yes

  19. Ali M says:

    you forget to say the stock huracan did 7.28 in nurburgring and this did a 6.52

  20. This is one of the ugliest super cars available right now. Anybody who thinks it’s good looking is a 12 year old Lamborghini fanboy.

  21. ALA is the most significant advantage over the base Huracan, how did they not mention that ?

  22. JASDKA1 says:

    Wanna watch the show but where????????

  23. Orik Dargo says:

    who knows which song is playing when hamster is flooring it

  24. A pretty poor review Hammond … no mention of ALA and vectoring capability in the 50k extra … it was a huge contributor to Nuburgring record … just saying.

  25. Sorry, but lambos have bin lookin all the bloody same for 15 years!!! (With 1 or 2 Very exceptional exceptions!!!)

  26. eSysman says:

    Who let the lord of the manner drive a supercar? Living in Wales on his farm has had an effect on Hampster’s wardrobe.

  27. The carbon fiber-mesh thing looks weird; like it's made from a kitchen-counter or something. Pretty cool still.

  28. If it were equipped with shitty turbos or huge wing it would have more decent laptime. But lambo stay on the right side.


  30. 2jzandy s says:

    That must have been a backup car she drove after him.. it's virtually impossible for Richard to make it around the track without crashing.

  31. After it did the lap
    I saw the score board and said
    "It'll be right under the Vulcan"
    And I was right

    Anyone else had that prediction?

  32. asrsi says:

    Another very fast VW… ;-D

  33. But does it beat a Nissan patrol? There's only one way to find out!

  34. kevin Lips says:

    why'd they use a speciale instead of a 488?

  35. Taha Esat says:

    Was very happy with this episode having joshua and goldberg 2 giants

  36. Oscar Tobar says:

    Wait until the Ferrari 488 GTO

  37. Loved how you guys debated if the car was street legal and you came to the determination that since it was Italian no rules apply lol

  38. did he crash it i haven't watched the episode yet

  39. Flysohighx21 says:

    Great work Grand Tour! Really liking this season!

  40. Minanshu M says:


  41. hp, torque, 0-60 are all irrelevant if you own that car. Any sane person that owned it would get it ecu flashed to unlock full potential. Also Hammond it's called forged carbon fiber :)

  42. thank God, he didn't crashed

  43. Bill Palmer says:

    I really enjoyed this, and Jeremy’s Lancia film especially. This was the best episode of the series so far.

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