The Grand Tour: The McLaren 720S

Richard Hammond takes a look at the McLaren 720S on The Grand Tour this week. Watch Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May on The Grand Tour only on Prime Video.


  1. Post By True Skater Gaming

    hamster still alive yeyy

  2. Post By Mario D. Zmaj

    Wait few years for the price to plummet like on any mclaren

  3. Post By Onion Knight Kirk

    Not that I don't like these guys and being petrol heads, I just learned what happened when they test drove Tesla's S model and how Elon spoke about it was scripted to park it and give a shameful review Cough* Clarkson, I really want them to Drive the Tesla Roadster and compare it even to this McLaren 720S. I like Amazon picked them up and gave the show but they need to be more open-minded to electric. Keep makes the same old comedy show, at least they're not as stupid as the American Top Gear guys. But it's simple to meet somewhere or even text and agree upon without being told or being "Scripted".

  4. Post By Thomas Engleder

    Am i the only one being annoyed by the fact that the front axle lift is up in the first shot?

  5. Post By BOB BOB

    GREAT CAR.. but sounds horrible..

  6. Post By Royhan

    Does the Eboladrome have a biased finishing line?

  7. Post By y so serious

    how much does it flip/second ?

  8. Post By 3rc Th1

    Great car but they got it in the worst color.

  9. Post By Peden88

    Yes ! This is the kind of stuff i want to see from a car show. I love TGT and When u do bits with cars like u did with the 720. I simply cant remember old top gear anymore

  10. Post By Junky DIY guy

    Mr Hamster, Are you gonna crash this one as well for our entertainment??

  11. Post By Lord Pepe

    Hamster has the best voice

  12. Post By Katie R

    McLaren is being so popular, especially where I live people are buying them. I loved this car brand because it was rare and almost a foreign species to the roads. Missing the days only a few knew about these beauties.

  13. Post By gaiozi1

    It's ugly

  14. Post By Frank Castle

    Love that car

  15. Post By keshav sakthi

    hammond: such a nice car, let's just fill it up with water from a Jerry can instead of petrol.

  16. Post By Nafis Fuhad110

    Hate this paying to watch

  17. Post By rektgg

    This car is fast

  18. Post By Justin Broadley

    The reason this clip is so short is because after the cameras cut off Richard flipped the car

  19. Post By Dezibel´s und Turbo´s

    Mister Richard "oops i did it again" Hammond

  20. Post By Pawel Mohwald

    nice,but what's the Doug scorr?

  21. Post By lukeyellow 46

    Episode 3 was so bad that I didn't even bother watching episode 4.

  22. Post By Damian 125

    lucky he did not make it go upside down.

  23. Post By DragCarTV


  24. Post By EKspeed

    Worst episode so far of GT when people said it's too scripted they didn't mean don't plan what to do, they meant when you talk to each other it's not natural it's too rehersed such as the army live die repeat sketch or when Richards boat knocks the other 2 in the water ,don't make fun of half your fan base as you will lose themAlso first 2 eps were good, 3 and 4 was boring you guys need to create challenges or objectives in your cars not just get in 3 cars and drive around as that will get dull and has

  25. Post By bait for you


  26. Post By oshin wane

    this is literally a transformer without arms and legs

  27. Post By TA soccer skills


  28. Post By danxxize

    What a sensational piece of cinematography

  29. Post By Jordanian Arabian PRINCE

    Front lights are disgusting

  30. Post By Ben Tomes

    Mrbossftw claims to have this car but it’s rented because he can’t afford it

  31. Post By Rafikou Mimou

    top gear guys r sucking car companies dickd to review their cars shame

  32. Post By Milada Brandejská

    Yes, first ……..

  33. Post By H1R1M1N1

    Jeremy: How many supercars have you driven?Richard: 2Jeremy: How many supercars have you destroyed?Richard:…2…

  34. Post By Hot Wheels Race Factory

    McLaren designs always work.

  35. Post By Entrepreneurs in Cars


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