The Grand Tour: Wet T-Shirt Contest

In The Grand Tour Mozambique mini-special, James May came up with what he thought was a brilliant idea, or rather a brilliant idea to stay hydrated. Watch The Grand Tour on


  1. Post By Fábio

    Pissed myself laughing!!!

  2. Post By TheJohno25

    Wasn't the funniest episode considering it was a special!

  3. Post By Tuned4Play

    what a great special! this is what top gear was all about, thank you amazon! UNO MASH

  4. Post By Dare Devlin

    Where on this mortal earth would one find the holy grail that is an "ace biscuits" t-shirt with a custard cream on it?

  5. Post By nihal dhillon


  6. Post By Black Jack

    It's that funy

  7. Post By Mike Scott


  8. Post By nicolas molli


  9. Post By danthe_man 04

    I wish i had amazon prime

  10. Post By berndbuchholz

    Would love to see this episode in Antarctica….

  11. Post By AutoAgitator

    To be this old and still laugh like schoolchildren at things like this is something more people should posses.

  12. Post By Zeljko Djujic

    You guys seriously need to make another episode like the Audi-Lancia one. It was a brilliant episode! Can't wait for the 3rd season!

  13. Post By David Shekelstein

    This episode was kind of empty…they just drove from point A to point B without really doing anything…the bridge over the river kok was nice, the transformation of their cars into bed too (africa special), but this was just totally pointless…I wish they had a real goal, to build something useful not carry fishes…plz for next season special make them do manual labor ! even if clarkson is allergic to it

  14. Post By AdurianJ

    Second season has been much better than the first.

  15. Post By Diana Bond

    “Git !” – James May, 2018.

  16. Post By steven olivier

    Why.? Why is that not closed?

  17. Post By mtomgaming

    the quality conteny

  18. Post By Denis Okon

    Liked the series so far and was hoping the "specials" would make a comeback. But this was rather underwhelming. Too much scripted jokes and yet still flat story. James May getting wet, Hammond falling over and over and Clarkson driving. The "old" specials showed insights in land and culture, I really missed that here. I get that it should be a satiric approach, but I was really missing depth. In my oppinion it was disrespectful and not very entertaining.

  19. Post By Ace Sul

    If James had kept the fish in his shirt they'd have lived longer.

  20. Post By MrBlitz

    Who would in a fight?James May, James May, or James May?

  21. Post By Nik


  22. Post By Black Magic

    Great episode

  23. Post By Bassem Mirza


  24. Post By Anton3710

    Can't wait for the special episode of Columbia.

  25. Post By Nikolay Hristov

    CoalRolled Kippers!!!! xD

  26. Post By PrzYm Enduro


  27. Post By Anton3710

    Спецвыпуск из Колумбии выйдет между сезонами?

  28. Post By FixXxeRArM

    Great episode :))

  29. Post By Carlito Brigante

    That brake test was class!

  30. Post By Claas Mad

    So James has got wet , interupted , brake checked and stalled his car countless times. Just how waterproof is a Mercedes from 1984?

  31. Post By KING IJAZ

    My 3 Musketeers

  32. Post By Agung Hery Wibawa

    is this the last episode? or the 12th episode

  33. Post By agent 1207

    Did Hamond even think his motorbike through? I mean with the pickup and the water tank in a car, both carried lots of fish.

  34. Post By NEHAL MATHEW

    Last episode sob sob

  35. Post By agent 1207

    Can't wait for the 3rd season!

  36. Post By Doctor Immunity

    And the winner of the Wet T-Shirt Contest goes to… James May!

  37. Post By Ryan Ko

    Does it mean his hair is not coming on then?

  38. Post By Mikesterman222

    At least he was semi-cool throughout the drive.

  39. Post By Whoolee


  40. Post By SirPepper

    AND THE WINNER IS….James May.

  41. Post By Sub Zero

    Tell me.Do you wet ?You will.

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