The Grand Tour: Wrong Way Up

In The Grand Tour Mozambique mini-special, we discovered, that just like the entire series, Richard Hammond fell down a lot. Per James May’s request, please find a compilation called ‘Wrong Way Up.’ Watch all episodes of The Grand Tour on:


  1. Post By JDM VR4

    Is the Grand Tour male or female, or are you an unspecified being…

  2. Post By Banaan Bosse

    My favorite episode so far! I really liked this one!



  4. Post By David Shekelstein

    so they just drove 200 miles on a dirt road ??no really impressive…sadly….

  5. Post By R Twix

    Worst episode this season.

  6. Post By The Grand Tour

    Still 90 minutes later, not getting old watching this over and over.

  7. Post By Eric Langley

    Maybe a dirt bike next time.

  8. Post By mtomgaming

    he sed in the episode "we can make a compilation of hammond just crashing and falling of the bike"

  9. Post By Kirby House

    Best show ever

  10. Post By Halunke44 444

    Take a Monstertruck!

  11. Post By ArabianKnight7771

    All done in purpose

  12. Post By Jonathan Boustead

    hilarious ep. Great way to end a brilliant season. Already looking forward to it coming back. Great work to everyone involved.

  13. Post By Khaled Kakeesh

    I am a big fan of the second season but honestly this episode in particular was dog shit

  14. Post By Rishi B.

    Great episode. It’s nice to see a special like this as often as possible!

  15. Post By Kemal Bibinoglu

    Not the best ending for such a nice series.

  16. Post By Wauser

    Season starts with Richard Hammond blowing up; and ends with Richard Hammond falling down. It's like poetry it rhymes.

  17. Post By Florian

    I am a huge fan, but this episode was awfull.They made there point about things needed to be scripted etc…. but omg.drying fish on a bike ? Come on !! I dare the boys to be seriously ambitious and set a respectable goal and have some real unscripted genuine fun !!

  18. Post By Rachid Khamlichi

    Well they did not manage to deliver quality fish but at least they delivered comic relief……..

  19. Post By Rachid Khamlichi

    lol knew they would do this

  20. Post By Robin Pilcher

    what a waste of time that was .. worst thing iv ever seen the guys do by a long long way

  21. Post By Sir Taylor

    Dingleberry Handpump deserves his own movie

  22. Post By Nikolay Hristov

    Do you know , its actually possible to get bored with watching Hammond fall off a motorcycle :D

  23. Post By Rick te Kronnie

    I laughed through the whole episode, this was great. Allthough I have to say, just wasting fish like this and making fun of a major problem like this is a bit, uhm, shit

  24. Post By Papa Fitta

    I cant be the only one imagining the horror of riding around in soaking muddy shoes, socks and clothes

  25. Post By Ishigami4Players

    I knew the only car which was worth a damn was the pickup…I thought it was a bit lacking. Too obvious that Hammond would loose all fish and that the fishtank would not work at all…

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