The Land Rover Series III Is Equipped For Adventure

This story comes in partnership with Belstaff as we hit the dunes in a Land Rover Series III.

As a car photographer who shoots for many of the big auction houses, Mr. Pawel Litwinski is no stranger to the world of vintage Bugattis, Ferraris, and Porsches–cars defined by their elegant lines and frightening top speeds. On any given day, Pav can be found shooting anything from a 1932 Daimler Double-Six in one corner of the United States to a Jaguar D-Type on the opposite side of the continent. If he’s at home in California, however, odds are you’ll find Pav in the seat of a ride defined by its simplicity: his 1973 Land Rover Series III.

Growing up in Coney Island, New York, Pav saw plenty of sports cars on the city streets but what he really wanted was a vehicle that would go over everything. Oh, and he had one other demand: it had to have a tire on the hood. After a couple decades of waiting and dreaming, Pav now has his Land Rover and the two are inseparable, so much so that even when he found himself in financial straits a few years ago–during which time he even had to sell his primary camera and his Subaru STi–Pav refused to part with his beloved Land Rover.

Nowadays, if Pav isn’t throwing a ladder into the back of the Land Rover and grabbing his gear while rushing to a photo shoot, he’s bouncing over the dunes at Pismo Beach on the Central California coast. But wherever he goes, be assured that on his face is the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.

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40 thoughts on “The Land Rover Series III Is Equipped For Adventure

  1. Adil Omar says:

    Another superb video. Fantastic.

  2. I have land rover seri 3 and I like it

  3. thank you for the video is the best

  4. Teknik 2050 says:

    One of the best video of Land Rover

  5. Harry Robin says:

    a landrover that never breaks down? you are very lucky

  6. Regla Vorcy says:

    Nice vídeo, great job!

  7. toddjlyons says:

    We have a 1980 series 3 and we know how you feel!

  8. MindDezign says:

    Exactly ,because they are SLOW, but they are eternally cool.

  9. ollieskins says:

    Sweet truck! I am the proud owner of a diesel Defender- love it!

  10. toddjlyons says:

    We have a 1
    980 series 3. Best thing we ever bought!

  11. ansaree97 says:

    This is without a doubt one of your best video yet, great car with a great driver

  12. He is guy feel real freedom , I have already fant for this suv

  13. Jason Meehan says:

    They do go anywhere. Can't beat a landy. Cool video.

  14. Andy B says:

    Why did I ever sell my Series III? I love this little movie and the personal narrative with it. It is shot cinematically and well, all credit to the team behind it. Splashing through a storm drain in a Series III under California sunshine looks pretty good to me.

  15. Allen Ng says:

    Cools video! I notice it was shot in LA….where are the sand dunes located for the portion of the film?

  16. johnybrokeit says:

    That was a beautiful piece! Thank you for putting a smile on my face.

  17. Cool

  18. I grew up feeling the same way, and now I'm the proud owner of a 1948 Willys CJ2A, and Willys CJ3B, and Toyota FJ40, and International Scout 800a, and Suzuki LJ20….and someday a Land Rover series ll.

  19. Jameson M. says:


  20. Jairo Juarez says:

    The Songs From this video? Someone?

  21. Nice truck, I hope you rinsed it off after driving in the LA river.

  22. Real trucks dont have chrome bits, there is only one LandRover!

  23. MBtech says:

    A fantastic film, thank you for making, I really enjoyed it.

  24. the way you look at it has won my heart, I wish I get a Willys cj3b & build it from scratch & add those personal touches to call it me, my jeep and become in separable, I will leave it to my son so he can rejoice the memories of him in this & the childhood with his kids.

  25. You drive your car look alike riding horse Fantastic..

  26. Adam Herndon says:

    feeling every word this guy is saying

  27. Nangid Kram says:

    This Guy's passion for his Landy! Sold his SLR instead when times were lean. By doing that, he kept his smile.

  28. CammieGee says:

    This is a beautifully restored Land Rover

  29. every video is work of art…keep doing the good job petrolicious .

  30. LOL – I was born in '62, and my grand father had a Landrover, and it was about 10 ~ 15 years old when I was born. It looked a lot like that. I learned to drive in that car, as a kid… I've watched clips on this channel of Ferraris and Lamboghinis and McLarens and Gull WIng Mercedes 300 SLs. To see a slightly newer version of the car I used to drive around the farm when I was 8 ~16 years old, amongst all the exotic stuff, it is a bit weird… It's very nice, but … can I have the Porsche 917 instead?

  31. I know how that feels bro

  32. STEVE S. says:

    under the bonnet?..r u serious//lol

  33. Absolutely Amazing!

  34. Pawel, do you still have this rig? I've watched this video several times. Great job!

  35. Timmy O'Tool says:

    Be sure to wash it occasionally. Don't want that salty wind or water to set into the steel frame.

  36. Max Limbo says:

    4:37 The sun never sets on the British Empire

  37. 73 owner checking in. Awesome video!

  38. Everybody in LA is a hipster photographer

  39. Aris Ellin says:

    lot's of fun, not too fast but it can take you almost anywhere I own one too. 109 74 mod.

  40. Land Cruiser says:

    Nice, another hipster in a Land Rover

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