The Le Mans-Winning Chevrolets: Corvette C1 Coupe and C6.R

For the first Made to Drive installment in 2018, we got back together with our good friend and all-around good guy Bruce Meyer and a pair of American heroes from his impressive collection. We met up with him and his ‘Vettes at Thermal Club for some track time in these iconic endurance racers—specifically, the Briggs-Cunningham-prepared C1 that brought the Corvette name to Le Mans for the first time in 1960, along with the indomitable force of red-blooded horsepower that won its class in 2009, known simply as the C6.R.

See the on-track photoshoot of both cars here:

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26 thoughts on “The Le Mans-Winning Chevrolets: Corvette C1 Coupe and C6.R

  1. So he is a "Patriot", a fan of American DOMINANCE ?
    Really ? WTF America

  2. Mr. Meyer, sure has some nice shit, as far as historic cars go. I can't wait to see what he gets next with that big tax break Trump gave him.

  3. Dino Kall says:

    Winning ones your class is fluke.winning a championship is an accomplishment.

  4. Dino Kall says:

    American dominance? Get real.

  5. TheHK2127 says:

    That c1 is gorgeous!

  6. juxtaposeism says:

    you are the Bizzarini guy too  ,-)

  7. No replacement for displacement.
    You can keep your batteries thank you.

  8. RC000E says:

    I've shared the track with another C6R and C5R at a Road America event in my 69 A production Corvette Racecar with abundant history. The sound of the 7 liter GT1 cars up close is WHOA badass. It's my dream to own one of the Pratt cars in the near future. I've seen a couple go at auction in the 200-400k range depending on history. Like he said, ridiculous that GM didn't retain the cars for their own archive. Gm, as a corporate entity, just doesn't get it sometimes I feel. The team within Corvette and in certain parts of the building get it, but as a corporate entity GM never built the legacy it could have, in racing. The white C1 was an all privateer effort. The funny part of that story is the cars were shipped by ocean liner, to Lemans, as "luggage"…lol. Briggs Cunningham booked his ticket and brought the cars as his baggage…haha. When they returned from Lemans, the cars were repainted and sold to the public off the dealer lot. They were missing for many years. If anyone is interested, there is a documentary called "The Quest" which shows how the last car was found. I know many of the people involved in the film, it's a good one. There are great stories behind the C1's and how they were discovered.

  9. Ozzstar says:

    Fun story, thanks for the vid

  10. Bar Gym says:

    Bruce Meyer is the man! And that C6r is some kind of God Bless America goodness! Great video! Thank you for the amazing content as usual.

  11. Will Master says:

    I was at a few races where the C6R competed. The sound that car generates is truly amazing, like nothing else on the track.

  12. Angry 8 says:

    Nice car but that track!

  13. MindDezign says:

    Bruce Meyer has Always Been The True Enthusiast's Car Guy,ALWAYS.
    Over the many years he has been a Car Guy of Car Guy's.

  14. Every time I see a video like this or hear stories about it, I get more and more envious of the people who live at Thermal. Who would live at a golf course when you can live at a race track?

  15. Maybe because of old Top Gear shows and past criticisms towards American Cars and how the suspension were wobbly and too much body roll.. people still do not give enough respect to American Sports cars. American sports cars have been a lot cheaper than European sports cars and if you set the suspension setup right twerk things a little bit…American sports cars will fuck European sports cars…

  16. Harry Cross says:

    Love the Norton in the background.

  17. Doc. Volt says:

    When there is too much displacement? Corvette: never enough

  18. You gotta love Bruce Meyer, truly a car guy's car guy.

  19. Having seen Bruce Meyer on Jay Leno's Garage a few time over the past couple of years, I've come to see how much he loves cars. Great video, great interview. Keep it up.

  20. Recently, American cars have caught a lot of my interest the reason being their back to basics approach. Everything is simple and ludicrously powerful. Still sticking to conventional engineering rather than going full 'Back To The Future' with it like Europeans. And the fact that their quality is getting better each day, makes it a jackpot. Americans, you now have my respect when it comes to cars.

  21. Sam Vains says:

    Would of loved to here more c1.r

  22. I'm not much of a hot rod, muscle car or even American sports car fan. Personally I prefer European sports coupes and sedans. However the upcoming 2018 Corvette ZR1 looks fantastic and has piqued my interest in all things Corvette. I've always had a tremendous appreciation for all things Le Mans so this video is great for me because it covers my newfound curiosity in Corvette and my love of the great French endurance race. Having a real "car guy's" guy like Bruce Meyer in it just makes it all the better. Great job Petrolicious!

  23. Klas Kitsune says:

    I remember when the C7.R almost won Le Mans. That was funny

  24. The Nrajgn says:

    Can, here, someone, who really know what’s talking about, explain to me why this C6.R make that sound ? It’s terrific !

  25. Happy New Year Petrolicious :D

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