The Making of the Fast and the Famous

Go behind the scenes to see how the production team created the Fast and the Famous video featuring Jay Leno


  1. Post By DylValentine

    Lol @ that camera system. These days just mount a couple of go pro's and that's it.

  2. Post By Lord Jesus


  3. Post By DJ

    Not a fan of the SLS in red..

  4. Post By The Truth

    Beautiful car! sounds like a beast. My favorite place for a nice Sunday morning cruise. Hey, rendezvous was film in a Mercedes then edited with a Ferrari V12 sound.

  5. Post By mikekitsune123

    I would love to see Jay Leno in top gear america.  He is car guy and he know his stuff.  Just watch Jay Leno's Garage and you will see what I mean.  I those videos.

  6. Post By Aadi Singh

    more info on those mini cameras ……

  7. Post By Xclusive Garage

    Leno definitely wouldn't be a good fit for Top Gear. He's stand up comedian funny but he's not slapstick SILLY like the Top Gear host. 

  8. Post By Andrew Clark


  9. Post By Andrew Clark


  10. Post By DiegoAlanTorres69

    I remember when I made that comment, I was so young and pure…
    omg the 90's

  11. Post By miguel perez


  12. Post By mzb007

    Mr. Leno looked a bit tired in this short film!

  13. Post By The Gear Knob

    A video of jay leno driving an sls uploaded by MOTORTREND GENIUS

  14. Post By FroopieLoopies

    Jay looks like the man vs food guy in like 20 years

  15. Post By sammyhtb

    jay lenos youtube channel has so many cars! he's a true entusiast

  16. Post By DiegoAlanTorres69

    Sometimes I just that those comments don't get any thumbs down while they are up there for a long time (by putting the mouse over the number you can notice) so I assume that those might be real people, not bots.

  17. Post By Arman Chivichyan

    i live on riverside, right behind mullholland lol i drive on coldwater canyon atleast once a week its so beautiful i love cars, i blow my c350 coupe thru there ever saturday morning where theres no traffic

  18. Post By DiegoAlanTorres69

    It's fuckin everywhere and it gets more and moar thumbs up by those stupid spam comments, it even has thousands of those accounts doing da same theeng

  19. Post By Cathar 555

    no shit sherlock

  20. Post By AkinaGod

    I'm looking at that C-Mount lens they briefly show at :49. Does anyone know what camera body that can attach to? I mean, I know anything that accepts a C-Mount, but I mean the specific body they are using for recording this production?

  21. Post By shadowburn420

    they dint even wash the sls sooo sad..

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  25. Post By jr lion

    ok so they don't show the footage of him doing atleast one full lap!! fuckin stupid video wouldn't waste my time watching it!!

  26. Post By Muthanna Akram

    I take it Jay Leno added another SLS to his collection in return for doing this clip and endorsing Mercedes?

  27. Post By DiegoAlanTorres69


  28. Post By Neojhun

    Screw you, unlike the other greedy rich idiots who buy those cars. They buy them then stash them in their own private garage never to see the light of day again. Unlike Jay who takes them in, keeps them at road legal condition and exhibitions them to people and even lends them out. Unlike you, he's doing the car lovers a favour.

  29. Post By Neojhun

    Have to say, Mullholand drive looks awesome. Winding, never straight very organic, real drivers road. Also bad uneven surface to inject that excitement. I come from Melbourne, the F1 track Albert Park is boring compare to that, it's too artificial and perfect. FY1 HD video in 2009, good work guys.

  30. Post By Alexandre Oliveira

    Very nice

  31. Post By Ramon Rüegg

    what camera did they use?

  32. Post By alparslan berk


  33. Post By Wout Taffijn

    some other comments below were talking about a 'goldwing'
    whats the point of the video? just a review right?

  34. Post By dvdcchrn

    who said "goldwing"?
    that was a joke
    you're missing the entire point of this short film

  35. Post By irreligious80

    Getaway in Stockholm 2 beats this easily.

  36. Post By Wout Taffijn

    no its not "goldwing' its "gullwing" sls
    yes you did break the law
    no it doesnt look that much at the ring
    yes its a great car

  37. Post By Andre Lira lira

    ola querido

  38. Post By shboo na

    jay leno is a dick fuck stop buying cars you moron you have like 2000000 cars WTf

  39. Post By Mersuonseauto

    It's not a goldwing SLS, get the facts right!

  40. Post By lolzmastur

    im prety sure the getaway in stockholm videos (on swedens most wanted) are the best street racing videos ever

  41. Post By SierraKilo9

    Where are the video responses to this? You have to be kidding me! None?

  42. Post By gooferman609

    thumbs up if you think asking for a thumbs up is a bitch move….wait o fuck it yeah bitches have to ask

  43. Post By rotor13

    @uniqueboii97 Investing

  44. Post By ericknyamu

    am one cent away from buying this car !

  45. Post By Nessy

    Midnight Club: Los Angelas (;

  46. Post By Abdul Muhsi

    One Day!!!

  47. Post By MYCMELee


  48. Post By racingfan1083

    @3frebo No, Leno would't fit in and he would brake the great charisma between the guys

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