The Mini-Truck and Road Runner Episode! – Roadkill Ep. 58

On this episode of Roadkill powered by Dodge, both David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan get their dream car! Who wins that game is up to you: Is it Finnegan with his 1968 Datsun 520 mini-truck, or Freiburger with his 383-powered 1971 Plymouth Road Runner? One thing’s for sure, the Datsun delivers a lot more suffering, and no one can believe it’s more reliable than the Road Runner. Don’t miss the special guest appearance by Fred Williams from Dirt Every Day!

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  1. Post By Dave Kauffman

    Lowering any vehicle is stupid, especially a truck, unless you're going NASCAR fast. The Datsun would be a nice rig if a bigger engine was put in it, but I like the Roadrunner the most.

  2. Post By TheAcidheat

    best episode ever so loughed:D awesome show…..

  3. Post By Evan Coleman

    The datson is better i think.

  4. Post By Francisco Vides

    I actually enjoyed watching you,Pretty cool.

  5. Post By Ibuki

    Rewatchin to get myself motivated to get my 68 be Datsun 520 truck working.

  6. Post By Mcleod0000

    18:16 poor kid gets to watch his dad sell his car

  7. Post By Marvin

    mid 80's Mazdas were soooooo popular in the late 80's

  8. Post By Tortuga Speed Shop

    You have Got to bring back the datsun mini truck…. do a eingin swap and put some Windows in it

  9. Post By Admiral Sandwich

    Im pretty sure that Freiburger kept that camo blanket and it is at his house right now

  10. Post By Tank Punisher

    68 roadrunner my dream car and i know thtas not what he has just syain.

  11. Post By Fuck Me

    The thumbnail title should be our dream cars

  12. Post By Corey Stuber

    i dont even remember this episode, but this is great lol

  13. Post By sublime929

    1. Why didn't you make a windshield out of plexiglass like you have done so many times before? 2. You went to a parts store and didn't buy zip ties and duct tape!?!?

  14. Post By TheCTcarkid

    Anyone else see the custom GM truck at 22:41?

  15. Post By bert smith

    I'll trade my 68 Javelin for the Datsun.

  16. Post By Gerty Z

    I want a mini truck where do I get them?

  17. Post By Anthony Wu

    10:50 "Here comes the blowjob"

  18. Post By Lukas

    Great episode!Btw i think you meant magnesium makes sparks, not titanium

  19. Post By photondebuger45

    Yeah those tires on that roadrunner look like pizza cutters good thing he fixed that

  20. Post By Roberto Flores

    At 22:40, that OBS!!! <3 <3 <3

  21. Post By SuperDriver101

    Car wash epic!

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