The Porsche 911: Reimagined By Singer, Driven By Enthusiasts

Follow Petrolicious into the heartland of America as we pay a visit to Indiana to meet Matt Euson and his Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer Vehicle Design. Whether it’s a quick jaunt to the office, picking up the kids from football practice, or tearing through the secluded snakes of tarmac outside of town, this 911 is driven as it was built to be.

See the accompanying photoshoot here:

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26 thoughts on “The Porsche 911: Reimagined By Singer, Driven By Enthusiasts

  1. Petrolicious thank you for this great video and uploading it in appropriate resolution

  2. From The .S: says:

    I want to work for Singer. Everyone of their cars are stunning, they're no doubt moving art pieces.

  3. ottolohr says:

    Love this guy's view on driving. Matches mine completely. I live in IN myself and have a modified 85 RX7, with full Racing Beat exhaust. Love the sound of a great engine with tuned exhaust. Glad Matt is actually driving his car instead of worrying about destroying the resale valve.

  4. Thank goodness there is someone who owns a Singer that actually drives it…..fabulous car

  5. Eric Robi says:

    Probably the most desirable Porsche in my mind. Excellent film as always!

  6. MacGuffin says:

    oh boy….!!!

  7. Mason Kurien says:

    This guy is amazing. He doesn’t care about the value! I’ve always said, if some day l get an exotic, a super car, or anything that’s a blast! It’d be mine and I’d drive it as much as possible. It’s really good to know I’m not the only one

  8. Emir Myqal says:

    Glad he is enjoying every single penny spent

  9. "I have zero care of what it does to the value, because that's not why I bought it…" – that sentence is the pure petrolhead essence. This whole video is the definition of us, petrolheads, every person has its preferences, but it all comes down to one, simple and elegant thing we all have in common. Driving. Extraordinary video, Petrolicious. Always enjoying the cinematograhy and the stories. Beautiful.

  10. Jason says:

    Porsche is the King, better than Ferrari sometimes

  11. ridow300 says:

    I think singer should be sponsored or backed by Porche.

  12. Arif Azmi says:

    Seat belts optional

  13. iamjesper says:

    i wish i lived in america so i could be out driving just for the pleasure of it… here in sweden the gas taxes are insane

  14. "purchased a carrera 2 from a client and promptly sent it to Singer" then waited 2 years

  15. jim sink says:

    Funny how my English subtitles for this video translates the exhaust sounds as “music” and “applause”. How appropriate.

  16. Wow. Wow. Wow.

  17. Initial GC says:

    LOVE Singer 911's, seeing one is a breath of fresh air after seeing a chopped up RWB example

  18. IWroteThis says:

    That's right!
    Use that car, drive the F out of it.
    It's a Porsche.

  19. Wow, wow, wow…… What a life, what a car. I'd easily pay the $600k asking price, in a fucking heartbeat. Kerrrplunk…… That'd be the sound me puttin' the cash down to pay for this piece of rolling art. Money well spent, imho.

  20. Indiana is a U.S. State for those that don’t know. lol

  21. I am enamored by this artwork on wheels.

  22. LazyRock says:

    Cmon petrolicious your are lacking your shifting moments ( this video was mostly 1 gear driving) and the car sound is not matching the driving. :(

  23. Infinite1871 says:

    I wish singer would make a budget resto mod for the drivers who don’t care about value and just want to drive a reimagined 964

  24. That's right, DRIVE IT UNTIL THE WHEELS FALL OFF. That's how you own a car. I feel sorry for cars that get purchased and tucked away and NEVER see an open road.

  25. This car is like a overpriced new luxury vintage watch that was purposefully made look old and beat up. It looks beautiful but is not a real vintage watch and costs as much or even more than a watch with pristine finish. I would rather buy a new car and own it for the rest of my life than buying an old Porsche and having it restored for a small fortune.

  26. RodSolera says:

    So, enthusiast = millionaire?

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