The Vagabond Falcon!

26 thoughts on “The Vagabond Falcon!

  1. Lillidde says:

    My dad bought a 1964 Ford Falcon Futura today, googled around and found this. Looks almost exactly like the one we bought :O

  2. 7c8f says:

    All the books said the 144- 85 H.P.  the 170-101 H.P.

  3. Having a look at the old vids once again, and yeah, Mr Regular, you got a nice vag (vaj) … ;)

  4. Holdadolla says:

    Incredible how different the car is now. You went from wanting to leave it mostly stock to a full on resto-mod.


  5. Dead Reckon says:

    Hey man, just found your channel a couple weeks ago, but if you're ever passing through southwestern VA again, give me a heads up, I live in Roanoke, and I could show you a cool junkyard around here, if they don't close down before then. Scrap prices are absurdly low, they're literally bailing scrap hoping they go back up.

  6. Oddly enough, you drove right by me where me & my dad have been restoring my grandfather's '63 Falcon Ranchero of that same color.

  7. FINK is dead, The Neal Is Real.

  8. A Nissan X-Trail needs to get the RCR treatment!

  9. SuperTrolls says:

    Car is awesome!

  10. Nolan Shen says:

    Virginia tech
    Why didn't I know about this sooner

  11. Average Drew says:

    Those whitewalls are hawt. Damn girl.

  12. Average Drew says:

    Congratulations, RCR, you've earned it! Your vids have inspired me to explore a different side of the car world, and a different side of humor!

  13. lucas arteta says:

    can someone put me up to date? why did he bought that? what happened to the fit? when was the donation?

  14. Hope you had a good time in Tennessee.

  15. idriwzrd says:

    I want a refund!

  16. I had no idea that looked like flames until you mentioned and holy shut those flames look sick as get them painted it's a 60s car fuck flowers

  17. ahhter says:

    Congrats Mr. Regular.  My very first car (bought way back in 1999) was a 1962 Falcon.  It was incredibly slow, which is probably why my parents we happy to let me buy it, with it's 170 CI I6 w/single barrel carb mated to a two speed Ford-O-Matic (yeah, that's what they called it) transmission but I really loved that car and I still have a big soft spot for Falcons.  Can't wait to see more of it!

  18. 85250es says:

    This is a boring grandmas car

  19. I almost bought one of these before I found my 70' Monte Carlo.
    Falcons are so nice looking. The one I looked at was teal with a white interior and had a 3 speed transmission, not 2.

  20. egs5555 says:

    That tree shadow looked like a flame paint job at first glance.

  21. Garth S says:

    White wall tires are bitchin!

  22. hewhoeatspie says:

    Why no comments?

  23. tonyblitz1 says:

    It's beautiful Mr regular

  24. Deefultz42 says:

    Those Ford-O-Matic two-speed autos are strong but they are a three piece tranny. I got myself a 1961 Falcon several years ago and they will leak but they are flawlessly smooth if kept together. I'd recommend trying to rebuild the tranny, they are laughably simple in Automatic tranny terms. It's likely the seals between the three pieces are leaking and/or the tranny pan itself.

  25. Darn!!!! You drove through my city of Knoxville. You could have seen my nearly 245,000 mile Ford Five Hundred.

  26. Wow, I would have bought it too. that looks great from the outside.

    Edit: If you ever get up near Waverly, NY you are welcome to review my 1999 Mazda Protege. :)

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