The VW Golf GTI Clubsport S vs the Nürburgring | Top Gear Series 24 | BBC

Rory Reid brings the VW Golf GTI to the Nürburgring to find out what it’s really made of, however this track needs some serious driving talent. Bring on Sabine Schmitz! Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:

Taken from Top Gear: Series 24

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  1. Post By ARtR

    thats bullshit, the fastest front wheel drive car is the civic type r FK8, MISS Jeremy Clarkson, miss your honesty

  2. Post By Patryk Wilkowski

    This is not a top gear the top gear was when jaramy james and richard was in top gear

  3. Post By Jackson Watson

    Straight humanity sequence reserve side away African secret raise why.

  4. Post By Kaspar Mensahsabah

    More Videos of these two. They have a great chemistry.

  5. Post By Aaryesh G.

    Somehow driving a slow car is as exciting as driving ridiculously powerful stuff around the 'Ring.I'd take a 190E and show those 911 GT3 RS owners who's boss there. X-D

  6. Post By Mike Lego

    That's the most stupid video i have ever seen in the top gear series

  7. Post By ZeeGamer 1148

    Try doing the Shelby Super Snake and the Lykan Hypersport

  8. Post By defilor

    Oh please, stop making it sound like a Golf can actually beat a properly driven Cayman or 911.

  9. Post By BeeRich33

    Contrived BS. Don't do this, it's insulting. If I wanted Spice Girls, I'd chase them instead.

  10. Post By Quinten The Yenzen

    Theres a reasen why there are only 66k views on this vid

  11. Post By andrea saggin

    Golf car….

  12. Post By Ryan gaming review 123


  13. Post By Ryan gaming review 123


  14. Post By Alan Bowers

    Just like her TG episode with Jeremy in the Transit, this is proof that Nurburgring lap times done by professionals means squat for the general consumer.

  15. Post By Carlo Sparacio

    Yeah, but…

  16. Post By Jay bhatt

    I am missing that old 3 boys who has to had lot of fun…!

  17. Post By Piggy Swine

    A woman that can drive better than most men, so hot.

  18. Post By Madsmathis


  19. Post By Sanjin Hadziabdic

    bring in @xthilox and lets see how that golf keeps up :D

  20. Post By XskiXedgeX

    This would have been great is it were James talking about how the new Golf is everything that you would want from an affordable small modern car. Then they send him to the Ring and have her drive James around, changing his mind about either the Golf or that designing a car on the Ring ruins a car.

  21. Post By J Alcatraz

    The new alien looking civic type r is actually the fastest fwd on the nurburgring…

  22. Post By Nini Hjord

    Do you really think the cayman gt4 and the Camaro got beaten by a golf look at how the porche drove in the outside line

  23. Post By orbits2


  24. Post By Zombie Head

    I do not understand, not everyone is pushing their cars to the limit at the ring. I mean if you crash a GTI vs crashing a Cayman GT4, guess which one will cost more? So by overtaking clearly faster cars, it is not a matter of (in this case) the GTI CSS being "faster", but more like your not really competing against other cars also being pushed. Also you have Sabin in the GTI, meaning she can drive the ring with a blindfold on and still be faster that the majority, hell she will be faster in a mini cooper than a Cayman GT4, so by passing other cars and saying "loser", that is just immature and unprofessional behavior, especially since he is a passenger.

  25. Post By Angelo E

    Rory is shit and a fish out of water. Car and Sabine are awesome

  26. Post By La Stiletto


  27. Post By Mrdjan Jozic

    If I pass somebody in my van it doesn’t mean my van i faster than his car..

  28. Post By Surrey Rider

    I paid for this with my license fee, so stop monetizing the videos!!!

  29. Post By Forbidden Office Derby

    Sorry but this video is bullshit, complete bullshit. Sabine Schmitz could overtake pretty much anyone even driving a bus, she's amazing.

  30. Post By Gary Downes

    With all due respect, the people she is passing, it's probably their first time around the Nurburgring. Sebine however, has probably been around it hundreds of times, maybe more.

  31. Post By Nav33n Anil

    Good god☺️

  32. Post By sonny prince

    Gotta love Sabines energy!

  33. Post By Daniel Truong

    She is so awesome. “They are the enemy”

  34. Post By 93455Driver

    Awesome car – but the new Type R and especially the Megane RS ups the game. Love my MkVII Sport, does everything well.

  35. Post By Angelo Aguila

    no wonder why the Golf made it to games like nfs no limit and asphalt airborne … i really underestimated this car no wonder i got beaten in no limit by this car 5x times in a row using the challenger(dodge challenger)


    Why isn't Sabine a full-time host on the show? She brings a fresh enthusiastic perspective to it?

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