The world’s ultimate garage creeper super internet build 5000

In a recent video MOOG constructed a quick, simple, do-it-yourself garage creeper project. The internet had a lot to say about ‘features’ that they would put on a creeper if it was to make one, only it didn’t make one. So in this episode we attempt to right all the wrong as we piece together (over engineer) an all new garage creeper, affectionately known as ‘The Marty’.

Watch the first video here:

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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we’ve gone about it, but we can’t promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won’t harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you’re doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you’ve seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

40 thoughts on “The world’s ultimate garage creeper super internet build 5000

  1. Our season finale is out on Tuesday so keep your eye out for something epic. And our all new Mighty Car Mods book is HERE!!

  2. TJ Shine says:

    Osmosis? Really? Did somebody sleep through science class?

  3. brian4351 says:

    lol what did i just watch?

  4. Tobias Dall says:

    Still looking for a download of that awesome track at 3:35

  5. Boost Alley says:

    The movement of liquid through the straw is due to capillary action not osmosis just for your own knowledge

  6. this vid was funny af!!!

  7. I was so happy to hear that Moog was listening to Fear of the Dark. Also great shirt too

  8. 26:4326:54 eyes closed…

  9. Mongrel85 says:

    That was thoroughly entertaining! This is why I love MCM because like me, you do a heap of stuff for your own personal amusement and who cares if everyone likes it or not? The videos aren't compulsory to watch you trolls! Keep up the madness, it makes me giggle in my feels…

  10. Great video dude!! But u could use the batery socket from de vacuum instead os breaking a charger!

  11. Mauro Rubio says:

    Hi every one, i have a question! Which country has the best car culture? New Zealand or Australia?

  12. Samples08 says:

    I haven't seen this asked yet and I want to know what's that your eating and what's in it?

  13. Fidel Garcia says:

    Could you stick it in a bit further I can't feel it yet. Sounds so familiar.

  14. Phill says:

    Has RGB lighting. 10/10

  15. Eric Kovach says:

    Next episode: official MCM vibrator build

  16. JDM Urbansus says:

    That mountain bike on the wall is sick

  17. Well damn, Supercheap Auto accept your offer and match your donation!? It would appear you guys are a big deal. Nice work!

  18. Beano says:

    Can get a really pretty weld similar to a Tig with Oxy/Acetylene. Takes even more skill, but still really pretty :)

  19. Joe Creek says:

    Fear of the dark! My man. Up the irons m/

  20. svtwrc says:

    Who else thought Moog was cracking the tab on the 3D printed cup holder with the Ryobi.


  22. The Ottoman says:

    You guys need to build a low rider asap

  23. Moog, Is that a Germ's circle tat???

  24. SeeOurWrecks says:

    I mounted two of those magnetic strips on the bottom of my creeper, low to the ground, to pick up dropped bolts, washers and wrenches as you roll out from under the car.
    I also have a roll of paper towels mounted to double as a headrest; comfortable, and very handy when gas or oil etc. runs down your arm to your armpit.

  25. faizan joyia says:

    You should have made the creeper a little bit more wider and longer

  26. mad shirt moog

  27. Why doesn't everything I own have a ball chiller? Feature of the year, tbh.

  28. but… does it fit my honda?

  29. pine51 says:

    i dont use the vacuum cause it sucks, turbo yoda face lol i nearly died !

  30. Adrian R says:

    What a laugh!! Love your builds, and the laughs you guys bring. Awesome work with the donations.
    Here's to the next 10 years.


  31. Steve Lubich says:

    8:13… I sprayed my coffee over my computer screen… piss funny!!!

  32. JPTube says:

    8:23 Moog casually enters the scene all wired up. #TakeThree

  33. Charlie Clay says:

    awesome charity dealy

  34. DutchedUp says:

    A reusable water bottle would have been better so you can just refill it and all but that thing is pretty lit

  35. DutchedUp says:

    Is that black motorcycle a Honda CRF250L?

  36. Fucking moog! Lolololol

  37. adnan ad says:


  38. Wow. You guys have become your worst enemy… Tools working on useless tools. What a shame! Go ahead posers, delete my comments as you have been, but it won't change the fact you both have become complete #Losers. So sad…

  39. Dysstatic says:

    Pun denied – Turbo Yoda 2018

  40. kagemyster says:

    So many bikes in the shop….yuuussss

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