This 1973 Honda CB175 Requires Complete Composure

“My first motorcycle was a Honda CBR600,” says Sarah Lahalih. “Part of the reason that I ended up with the bike that I’m riding today, the CB, is because I kind of struggled riding that 600 as my first motorcycle, as anyone would, without any proper instruction.”

“But I knew that from the first time I was on my own motorcycle that I would ride forever.”

Her “terrible” and “uncomfortable” 1973 Honda CB175 may be a humble classic machine, not to mention, “a little unpredictable and totally impractical,” but there’s good reason for why Sarah loves this bike.

“I’d been riding for almost two years without really knowing how to brake or corner, I finally took the course, it was really empowering for me—life changing—and so I went on to become an instructor for that course, and then quickly went on to open my own school, which I owned and operated for 10 years in Chicago.” In the meantime, she’s trained instructors to build motorcycle training courses for the U.S. military personnel, she’s a writer, an expert witness for motorcycle accident cases…and races them as well.

Her other passion? Boxing. A champion boxer for “three or four” years before losing a match, she sees many similarities between the two.

“I love the movement of both of them,” she says, “…but from a personality standpoint, every activity I’m involved with involve moments of complete composure until moments of rocket launches…those moments of glory”.

“Boxing and motorcycling are both really vulnerable activities because of the potential to get hurt,” Lahalih says. “It kind of teaches you how to be uncomfortable. If you’re willing to be uncomfortable, the reward is you get to drive and ride really awesome machines.”

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  1. Post By R M

    I've owned a few smaller Honda CBs and they are great little screamers. Never that small, but I've had two CB350 fours and one CB550 four and a BMW R100/7. BMW has the power by far but those Hondas were way better city bikes.

  2. Post By Rahul Atul

    liked the girl more than the bloody honda- keep up your good ride girl- cheers with your boxing too

  3. Post By CRM6718

    Blah Blah boxing….Where is the bike and it's story???

  4. Post By Moses Bullrush

    A woman posts a video about a bike but spends the whole video talking about herself. I came here for the bike, I don't care about you.  Self-absorption = feminism.

  5. Post By mark Johnson

    My type of women a tom girl but sexy as hell. M

  6. Post By Dee Gee

    I wish I could have an old Japanese bike like that

  7. Post By Nuno Cristino

    Nice bike. Where did you bought the front bag?

  8. Post By Marshall Man

    Boxing crap ….. Focus on the bike !!!!!

  9. Post By MJorgy5

    Sarah, please share a few details about your race bike. Thank you!

  10. Post By daReal uNdadawgg

    a wooden seat tho?

  11. Post By futurenika

    show the goddamn bike, i cant care less about her boxing skills for fucks sake

  12. Post By Sean Finkel

    For when you need a bike that puts half the weight on your wrists and the other half on your pu55i

  13. Post By VietnamJuan

    lol i like how at the end she says the bike is terrible because of the wooden seat…change it??

  14. Post By Hpv Pro

    That ramp is unnecessarily wide

  15. Post By bountyhunt

    Finally a crap video :)

  16. Post By VindalooSoup

    But what about the bike?

  17. Post By Mechtech505

    beautiful bike, magnifico shakes hand doing the Italian 3 fingers and thumb thing

  18. Post By Armani Nguon

    She is bad ass!

  19. Post By Gandalf the White

    This depressed the shit out of me.

  20. Post By Rick Murray

    I love to see gals who ride because they love it. There is something very appealing to me about gals who are athletic, energetic and smart. Sarah is all three. I'll bet if she tried a good one, she'd be a BMW Airhead convert. She's strong enough to handle one easily. Keep riding Sarah.

  21. Post By Matt Whitmire

    I was really surprised and happy to hear her talk about how uncomfortable and impractical this bike is really to ride. I agree it looks like a million bucks and I am sure fun to drive. But if you are over 5'5 these bikes are not an everyday thing.

  22. Post By pizzodk

    more motorcycle videos please :D

  23. Post By Michael Moore

    key It's #nige meal XD

  24. Post By John Smith

    I'm not surprised the focus was on such an amazing woman… A couple of minutes more on the bike, sure , but blimey…! And before you get up in arms about it, don't forget that these are stories being told not a bloody train spotters convention… Carry on with the Petroliciousness : )

  25. Post By AKFGFan

    Damn you guys are Salty…

  26. Post By Jimbo

    Who the fuck she thinks she is? I wanna know about the bike not how she quits her job and teach people how to ride a bike lmao…

  27. Post By Ted H

    ~I think it's the title of the video that is misleading, thus getting the comments that it is from the public. I have a positive Suggestion: Re-title this video , "A Day and A Life of Sarah L"…..And then take clips of it and tie into a new title: " MY VINTAGE 1972 HONDA CB175 " (or something like that) OK, NOW BACK TO THAT '73 HONDA CB175~ I have a frame up restored 1969 CB175 K3 and I tuned into this channel to learn about your Bike and, too, found myself wanting more information…., How and Where did you find it, and more on what this bike does, how it handles, how it works for you..and do you take it on long trips. How is this bike different from your other bikes and what makes you want to keep it in your collection. Pic this bike apart and tell some stories about it.

  28. Post By busdrivermike13

    Nicely done bike.

  29. Post By Carl Avory

    Is this about boxing or bikes!

  30. Post By Mcgee moo

    I really enjoyed this one. (open's craigslist)

  31. Post By Jora Lebedev

    "Me, me, me, I, I, I… Oh, and I ride a bike." sigh… whatever.

  32. Post By Raven

    where is the bike. holy shit.

  33. Post By Uncle Bobby

    Great little story, bravo.  The action shots on the CB175 remind me of some song lyrics, …red hair and black leather, my favorite color scheme…

  34. Post By Carlosiemon

    This website is about machines not boxing. This video has lost the meaning

  35. Post By monzadh

    Petrolicious jumped the shark….

  36. Post By KgreProductions

    Today i learned a cb175 is uncomfortable

  37. Post By billy joe

    No, no, no, Petrtolicious, you are doing it wrong, you need not only this Honda, but also the 1991 NSX

  38. Post By Fast Er

    This was more of a life story than being Petrolicious. The life story was interesting but wish you had connected it more to the bike/bikes she rode. Like one other story you had some year ago about a young lady that also had a bike. Thanks!

  39. Post By ynk996

    Awesome Video! that girl is a bad-ass! Really cool machine too, Keep it up, and thank you.

  40. Post By robm425

    I ride a 1971 CL175. It was my Dad's second bike and my first motorcycle. I love my 175 just wish it had better brakes but I am am not going to chop up my all original fully restored bike

  41. Post By Dylan Thomas

    What kind of tailgate ramp was that she had for getting the bike out of the truck?

  42. Post By jack chatham

    The only petrolicious vid I didn't make it all the way through :(

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