Three Wheel Madness – Campagna V13R And 6-Cylinder T-Rex Reviews

Driving The 3-Wheel Campagna V13R and T-Rex
1.2L Harley V-Twin and BMW 1.6L I6 Powerplants
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For those looking for a visceral driving experience, the Campagna V13R and T-Rex are both incredibly unique takes on a sporty automobile. A single rear wheel drives the vehicle, without traction aides getting in the way of your pleasure. The V13R features a 1.2L Harley Davidson engine, while the T-Rex spins the rear tire with a BMW sourced 1.6L inline six-cylinder producing 160 horsepower. Both vehicles weigh in around 1,150 pounds.

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  1. Post By Hunter Lin

    Would love to see a infiniti Q50 Hybrid Review!

  2. Post By Kal's Tube

    T-Rex is a like a go-kart for the streets, a total blast. But the cost entry is high. When T-Rex was 35k, it was a killer deal. Saw one drive AROUND a Lamborghini on an off-ramp

  3. Post By Albert S.

    I prefer a lancer evo on this but wrx is even better

  4. Post By benson420710

    I have a very strong feeling the harley is based more around a bikes setup as in how the clutch bites which is why it was odd for him then the T-rex was based more off of a built shifter cart with a solid 6 speed seq.

  5. Post By superlazyorg

    The price tag is insane. Would have expected those to cost around $15k. They appear to be half a step up from a dune buggy.

  6. Post By MsSomeonenew

    The concept sure is cool, but the price is 2-3 times of what would make sense with something so simple.

  7. Post By Peter Konrad Konneker

    They are funky things. Great review.

  8. Post By 9Nails

    No helmet in the T-Rex? Is this legal because of the roll cage?

  9. Post By L Taka

    I'd love to put that 6 in a lotus 7 body.

  10. Post By ucallthatatweet

    I hope no one misses the last 35 seconds!

  11. Post By TekTonik Dubstep

    I subconsciously know what gear I'm in all the time. Never thought I was in another.

  12. Post By das hasguns

    The price is right for a toy.

  13. Post By Precision Ammo Gaming

    Do a review on the Polaris slingshot

  14. Post By Crazylalalalala

    A comparison with the Arial Atom will be needed. I would think the Atom is better in just about every way.

  15. Post By AzuMentch36

    So even the T-Rex is considered a fun car, not exactly a daily driver. At least the manual shifter is better designed for the later. Not a bad review overall.

  16. Post By TheTyisAwesome

    I'm so excited! I just bought one of these(t rex) it's going to be my new winter driver since my truck broke down

  17. Post By Parker Walls

    Would love a review of a Caterham if you ever get a chance to get your hands on one!

  18. Post By Boğaç Han TAŞKÖY

    Explain us turbo flutter sound.(Sorry if you have already explained. If that is the case can someone link it?)

  19. Post By blazers12369

    What road is this?

  20. Post By DarkMan2555

    Jason, if you are reviewing 3-wheel "trikes," do you think you could get your hands on a Polaris Slingshot? It's also a 3-wheel trike that is powered by a single rear wheel and has a good power to weight ratio.

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