Tom Kristensen Jumps Audi R8 LMS – /DRIVE MOMENTS

8 time Le Mans 24 winner Tom Kristensen jumps a $400,000 (~) Audi R8 LMS during a practice session on the 2012 Race of Champions track in Bangkok, Thailand. It was incidents like this and others which forced the drivers to intervene with track officials and institue a last minute chicane over the bridge / overpass of the ROC crossover track.

44 thoughts on “Tom Kristensen Jumps Audi R8 LMS – /DRIVE MOMENTS

  1. wasent really a jump. more like a Bounce…

  2. Need to clear it ;)

  3. typical danish thing to do xD

  4. It's a race car… What were you expecting it to bounce like kim kardashians ass?

  5. Aj Rodillo says:

    There's only one way to make it soft… if you know what I mean. ;)

  6. kasper1038 says:

    Lol im living in Denmark and my mother is from Thailand… TOM K. HAS VISITED MY MOTHERS HOMECOUNTRY WTF NICE! :')

  7. well when you bottom out the 1" of suspension travel it will seem pretty stiff.

  8. what suspension?? looks to be all welded together how stiff that car landed haha

  9. Sia says:

    fanx, i twirl it between my fingers while i troll around youtube

  10. Congratz, man! :D Nice mustache, btw ;)

  11. actually you are the retarded douche. you could have deal with some of the accurate points I made but seeing as you are a nitwit you didn't even know that you couldn't refute them. so it was easier just to pretend I'd done something wrong. facts be damned

  12. ceounicom says:

    ""I know very little. I'm just smarter than earth humans.""

    Greetings, visitor from planet Shithead. We welcome your contributions to our further development of Asshole Science. One day we may aspire to reach your impressive levels of Douchedom. Live Long and Suck It.

  13. Sia says:

    funnily enough, i just finished 2nd year of physics at university lol.

  14. In other words you love to see yourself here :P

  15. Shankworks says:

    awkward landing…

  16. littlemimus says:

    im more impressed by how stiff i am after seeing it.

  17. Nick Leone says:


  18. gary mcrib says:

    roll cage

  19. To reach the mindless that are destroying my planet.

  20. If you're so smart, why are you posting comments on YouTube?

  21. Khori Wilson says:

    if he would have jumped it like a tabletop I doubt that the car would have reacted at all.

  22. pag says:

    Wow. It's funny :3

  23. see this is what I'm talking about you assume alot. I refuse to get into a pissing match with you. a self proclaimed genius has told me something and now that it's been put on the internet it's the gospel right. you assume that a "polymath genius" is out of my league strictly based on the fact that I'm a low born car mikenik huh? The fact that I've got decades of practical knowledge of actually trumps your fancified book lernin. You My DEAR can crawl back under your bridge troll I'm done withu

  24. At times it would be a lot easier if all hailed me :) but that wouldn't work either.
    That you claim electric motors produce as much heat or more than combustion engines doesn't really make it true my dear. If you worked on hybrids I take it that means you're a mechanic? I'm however a polymath genius. Slightly out of your league :)
    Let's say a car uses 10kW to cruise along. An electric motor might produce 500watt of heat from that. A combustion engine would produce 30000watt of heat or worse.

  25. dan what in the hell are you talking about? did you read my reply or are you so busy trying to be right that reality no longer functions in your world? you stated that they could use electric motors or put a flat radiator under the car. my response stated the reasons you couldn't I knew it was a bad idea to try and respond to some one on the comment section. I'll tell you what you are right the rest of the world and the laws of automotive engineering ar wrong all hail dan

  26. Is a Volvo 242 designed that way for perfect aerodynamics? or is it designed that way because the engineers weren't thinking at all.
    I know it's hard to accept that these big companies don't think but they don't.

  27. first of all I could give a damn about audi. with that said a radiator is designed the way it is because of surface area (to dissapate the heat better. and as far as electric drive its funny but evry hybrid drive system I've worked on has a seperate large cooling system for the electric motor potion because they generate just as much heat ( if not more) as a combustion engine.

  28. GTiR21 says:

    one broken spine please

  29. ShootingSam says:

    RIP Henry Toivonen

  30. wHAmEz says:


  31. nelson4568 says:


  32. Bazooka81 says:

    Surprised it didn't pulverise his spine O.o

  33. Pedro says:

    those cars are supposed to be stiff.. so you guys should be rare x)

  34. Damn, that suspension is stiff as fuck

  35. What a load of crap

  36. mokgboy says:

    that car suspension is stiff as a rod

  37. the car is a monster

  38. capnapalm says:

    There is a very large problem with your argument. You're assuming that having wheel covers is not against the rules. F1 cars had wheel covers on all four wheels for years until they were banned. You don't need spokes to get air to the brakes – brake ducts work fantastic when designed properly. Wheels with spokes create a ton of unwanted turbulence that doesn't play nicely with your multi-million dollar aero package. If it's not against the rules, you can damn well bet teams would be doing it.

  39. Ryan Proulx says:

    Am I the only one who is impressed by how stiff that car is?

  40. try to actually examine if that is true before assuming it is because you have childish blind faith in them. I assure you they are built by idiots.
    You might also consider if there could be more aerodynamic cooling alternatives. Maybe a smooth radiator on the underside of the car instead of aerodynamically disastrous front facia cavities. Flow through rather than collide with. dare to think my child.
    maybe even electric drive that requires no significant cooling.

  41. cyaanara says:

    all of the open grills on performance cars and race cars are for a purpose, such as giving air to the engine to actually function properly, or to air cool certain parts of the car, or even down force so the car gets better traction. the cars are wider because the wider stance gives better handling. physics is what they take into account for race cars, aerodynamics is only a part of it. you should look into the reasoning behind the things that don't make sense to u. when it is explained, it will.

  42. Arne Dopudja says:

    True, was a typo, look I got it right in the previous post.

  43. it's spelled genius

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