Top Gear Series 25 Teaser: The Milk Run

Watch Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid go on a milk run in Top Gear style. Only question is, who will get there first? Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:

Series 24:
Chris Harris Drives:
Drag Races:

Faced with impending disaster (no milk), our heroes venture into the wild. In wild cars. Going on a milk run is a dangerous business. If you’re not careful, you never know where the road might take you. Especially if – like two thirds of our presenting trio – you don’t even use actual roads.

Faced with apocalypse – an empty milk container – our intrepid heroes selflessly venture into the vast unknown to retrieve that most precious of earth’s elixirs. Tea, after all, just isn’t the same without it.

For such a daunting journey, Matt, Chris and Rory each choose a suitable vehicle for collecting a receptacle of milk. V8 Aston for Mr LeBlanc, Skoda rally car for Mr Harris, and a ruddy G-Wagen for Mr Reid. Only question is, who’ll get there first?

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  1. Post By Mark C

    Oh oh run out of charisma

  2. Post By Benendes C

    It looks excellent good job

  3. Post By ROADCLUB UK

    Awful. Sorry.

  4. Post By Mohd Asad Sameer

    Better cars and look better than the grand tour 2

  5. Post By Kim Kyle

    Actually think that this is gonna be a cool season!

  6. Post By shekhar tyagi

    Just can't wait

  7. Post By KingG

    I miss Jeremy, Richard and James.

  8. Post By KainetheWusky

    Wow an American on British top gear. This show is going to be shite like last season.

  9. Post By Jacob Wilkinson

    Tear match bottom main down away corruption spring reverse

  10. Post By Ramon Martinez

    Not interested!

  11. Post By Hans

    Jeremy Clarkson looks different after shaving

  12. Post By Haru Glory

    Watch grand tour guys

  13. Post By vijju k

    This is a blatant copy of a commercial ad from few years ago.

  14. Post By Guto Camacho

    Shit Gear is back! Why does this show still exist?

  15. Post By Herlambang Lambang

    Matt LeBlanc is quite entertaining as a host but I think Chris Harris and Rory Reid couldn't match him yet.

  16. Post By Nigel Hurley

    Top gear pulled off one of TV's greatest miracles in testing times I truly believe and I tip my hat for this reason. 1st off the x3 plp who made it great left and it was never going to be easy filling there boots period, fact. They gambled and failed big time with ya know who. BUT to keep x1 presenter from worst ever series tg made to adding x2 more unknowns and putting faith into this working took big Ball's and I love it. impressive or what. Can't wait.

  17. Post By Kurt Sudheim

    Cheesy, but fun (& no I didn't even realise the milk- cheese pun till writing it)

  18. Post By 67claudius

    Fortunately, there is The Grand Tour.

  19. Post By Sam Thomas

    The knew videos are terrible

  20. Post By BADBOYONE

    Got Milk?

  21. Post By Webby

    What's this song ?

  22. Post By Random Gaming


  23. Post By Random Gaming

    More Fun With James, Jeremy, Richard where everybody is the BBC?

  24. Post By James Rewhorn

    This is crap since Clarkson got fired, BBC you messed up.

  25. Post By Kris Carlo Mangosong

    The once very nice show turned non sense..

  26. Post By Melissa Coleman

    Tried and tried to watch it but just can't! Just a bunch of guys trying way to hard to act like 3 other guys and it shows badly! I'll stick to Amazon prime.

  27. Post By Suponchai Keeratikajohn

    Now, it’s time when Top Gear trailer becomes more fun then the Grand Tour.

  28. Post By Nathan Kent

    Says it all really, trailer for a grand tour episode has double the views as this season trailer, and both released 2 days ago

  29. Post By Robin Tammik

    The First Ugly Aston Martin. What a shame.

  30. Post By J0lker

    Can't wait for Chris Harris reviews!! Great trailer!

  31. Post By Jonathan Jennings

    Now Stig has launched himself into space and is driving a Tesla around the asteroid belt who is going to do your fast laps?

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