Top Speed in a Cadillac CTS-V Wagon and Corvette. On dirt.

The Smoking Tire heads to El Mirage Dry Lake Bed with the new CTS-V Wagon to see just how fast the world’s best sleeper will go. And we bring a tuned C6 Corvette along for comparison!

40 thoughts on “Top Speed in a Cadillac CTS-V Wagon and Corvette. On dirt.

  1. Ethan Curtis says:

    Sounds like Dominique. She’s been on a few enthusiast videos now and must have been with Onstar for a while.

  2. NoBrakes23 says:

    Wasn't watching TST back in 2011, just came here from today's video. Wow, the intro.
    edit Wow, Matt's been rocking those Dillon Optics for a long time.

  3. Don Julio says:

    My favorite video right here.

  4. I'd get in a bed with this car. A lake bed. Hopefully a dry one.

  5. I love these cars.

  6. mndayman says:

    lmao I forgot about this video with the lady on onstar like oh wow

  7. I was sad when the video ended lol. This looks like a dream come true such a beautiful place and BADASS cars…all out nothing around plus I'm sure you've got a detailer lined up for all the dirt hahahahaha. Man wish there was more of this video Hahahaha

  8. …and the 80s…and the 70s…etc.

  9. pity cadillac won't make a wagon out of the current cts – v. Speaking as a BMW fanboy I'd have a hard time not choosing a CTS-V wagon over most newer M5/M6s

  10. Kaleb Clater says:

    a zr1 would crush the wagon

  11. SWEG_MASSA says:

    Ive only done 155 mph, i cant imagine 185…

  12. Lab Rat says:

    So… how much harder would it be to get +50hp to even out the difference?

  13. Quadrunner says:

    Just cruisin down the flats at 160 WOT with one hand casually guiding the wheel haha. I'd be glued to it if I could get that fast.


  14. Bryan Coles says:

    thought he was going to say if i buy the sunglasses he will give me a free cts-v

  15. nigga brought on star lol

  16. Love you! Great review the wagon is my new fav

  17. focused313 says:

    I love that car, too bad I can't afford it comfortably. I'll settle for the magnum srt8 with a supercharger. Forget the car, I couldn't afford insurance on that ctsv.

  18. SteveSeiwald says:

    That fast, no helmet, glancing sideways at the camera, no helmet, um… No helmet.

  19. neurotoksin says:

    The shirt he is wearing really makes his tits stand out.

  20. Ross Isaacs says:

    I love that wagon

  21. Ralph Feldes says:

    Seems the Panamera Turbo S smoked those two and you shut down before 190 in the Turbo S. I know…the money! I also know those two equal one Turbo S and much more..but as I have one with front and rear heated and cooled seats and a backup camera. totally worth it!

  22. HoneyCombz says:

    I just wanna thank you guys for letting me know this place existed. Did 148 with my father in the car this past summer. Definitely one of my favorite memories from our time in California.

  23. U.K. P. says:

    epic race.

  24. Patrick Dyas says:

    Audi Avant… enough said.

  25. Mazokki says:

    I would never take my car to a place like that. That sand gets everywhere.

  26. That fact that a wagon is keeping up with a corvette is amazing. All props to cadillac on this one, corvette is no joke

  27. niall300zx says:

    whats onstar?

  28. ryuman757 says:

    I really hope that my job pays off for me. This car is so awesome that I really want it! I will gladly go paycheck to paycheck for this monster!

  29. O.c Withers says:

    Thanks Vernon love that wagon that is the new face for America god bless America and all its cts v wagon drivers

  30. O.c Withers says:

    I got a lung 4 one lol

  31. Best wagon ever!!

  32. corvusala says:

    If I won the lotto these would be the two cars I would buy.

  33. Aaron Davis says:

    Thats not Dirt, its hard pack sand which is clay like in feel.

  34. Jake Gambino says:

    hahaha you would call onstar

  35. yea I need a kidney

  36. Jeff Gassen says:

    I just bought a CTS-V sedan, love it.

  37. Scott Hill says:

    Look I support your show. But there is no way in hell. That I am going to buy those cheap sunglasses.

  38. zatch says:

    hello onstar, I'm about to do 175 and I'd like you to be on the phone to listen for sounds of collapsing metal

  39. Jayson Carey says:

    I got a chance to drive one of these at GM's Michigan proving grounds, and it was absolutely glorious.

  40. chufa72 says:

    For less than $10K you can mod a current gen CTS-v into 700 hp+ (pulleys, headers, tune, intake, etc.). Just a tune would cost you that much on a Panamera, M5 or AMG car.

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