Toyota GT 86 review: First Impressions

evo’s Toyota GT 86 review:
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  1. Post By Annuvyn Arawn

    It's a bargain compared to how much you need to spend to get a drive as good : Cayman/Boxster. Not as fast as those, fair play, but the steering is fractionally superior. This or the BRZ will do, test drive them both and be prepared for an awakening if all you have ever driven is hot hatches and FWD coupés.

  2. Post By Urs Riggenbach

    I will buy one next year, such a nice car!

  3. Post By y05077

    Ohhhh can't wait to pick it up tomorrow!

  4. Post By bucketslash11

    fun fact: 51% of the price of the focus RS was taxes, and it costed an equal to roughly calculated £100k

  5. Post By prodkill

    its a good car ..but no soul … no passion

  6. Post By Nutrisystem Discount Code Options For 2014

    nice car

  7. Post By J4m3z1

    I thought EVO hated the GT86…

  8. Post By M3Nenough

    Well, if you want doors that sound nice, buy Audi and stay bored. The interior is not THAT bad. It's simble, yes, but if you want to see real shoddy quality, have a look at a Fiat for a start. Then keep in mind, Fiat saved Chrysler…thank you and good night!

  9. Post By loOOooO

    Looks good, but the spoiler looks like something they took from a Pontiac Grand Am.

  10. Post By n777ua

    Unfortunately falls prey to the old guard in Toyota who's goal is to cut costs at every corner. With this vehicle, you can spot it right away in the build quality of the body (try closing the door with the window down – sounds nasty), and the shoddy interior quality (horribly fit and disastrous materials)

  11. Post By failtolawl

    I suppose, could be the next supra.

  12. Post By Brandon Sanichara

    with a boxer engine of course it's underpowered but it does open up alot of oprtunities for tuning

  13. Post By Bostel83

    I want one!!!

  14. Post By failtolawl

    Top Gear said it's underpowered

  15. Post By Dan Wolf

    I love this car already, but I can't help but feel for £25k i would rather buy a second hand Exige and then wait for the depreciation of the GT86 to happen and buy later on.

  16. Post By oguzsasi

    Because its a TOYOTA :)))

  17. Post By KRSMK2

    In all reviews of this car , the drivers always smile while testing lol

  18. Post By Ben O'Connor


  19. Post By 0mgKittenzMewMew

    Yes you can, but getting cars from other countries and cars with more horsepower than what is normal in Norway has loads of expensive fees that gets involved to get it registered. And also there is the taxes of course

  20. Post By 0mgKittenzMewMew

    Probably not :p
    But there is some difference of course

  21. Post By 0mgKittenzMewMew

    Another good example on how expensive cars and motoring is in Norway is by looking at the 2010 Camaro, which costs 300.000 Kroner in Sweden, and in Norway, for the same exact car you have to cash out 1.500.000 Kroner. Which is 5 times as much…..

  22. Post By WaywardVerve

    Nah it more matches james may's ideal sports car which he wrote an article about.

  23. Post By 0mgKittenzMewMew

    In my local area, the 0,5L beers are between 65 and 80 Kroner, which is about 11 to 13,50 US Dollars

  24. Post By Alexandru Mihai

    indeed. If I was a tuning company like Hamann, I'd immediatelly make an amazing tuning kit for looking more agressive and having 400 bhp.

  25. Post By Linkcrc

    I think Jeremy Clarkson will love this car.

  26. Post By Alexandru Mihai

    So you can make money by buying it in USA and selling it in UK.

  27. Post By Sagarism1

    The people that gave the world the 2000GT, Celica, MR2, Supra, LF-A and AE86? Oh no.

  28. Post By 0mgKittenzMewMew

    77k US Dollars in Norway…..

  29. Post By Doug Zbikowski

    So, they made a mundane car with a sports car body, and we're supposed to sing its praises because it's RWD? It's like the car is wearing a Halloween costume–dressing up like a decent performer when in fact it's just a plain car. If they could boost the HP and get the transmission to work worth a damn, and make a decent interior, it might be a car worth a look. Otherwise people interested in a $25K sports car can look elsewhere for better value and performance (Hyundai Genesis comes to mind).

  30. Post By TheGrassyBatter2

    It usually is with other cars, but not with this.

  31. Post By imantisocial

    its called badge engineering, look it up

  32. Post By imantisocial

    200 hp is less than 300 hp, thats why.

  33. Post By phtmexplo

    Simple … to make it cheaper.

  34. Post By Andrew Ian Dodge

    Subaru need to bring out a 4 wheel drive version with a turbo on it. The BRZ WRX mb?

  35. Post By socialperson

    why would scion, Toyota and Subaru produce the exact same car?

  36. Post By NeATaNDtURdy

    25k cash here in Canada

  37. Post By Drcfan

    Why $25k in the US and £25k in the UK and $45k in Switzerland. Rip-Off !!!

  38. Post By jo23bulls

    that sucks that europe has to pay twice as much as we do. Maybe we get a discount since we probably sell the most units because of our population.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it cost less to bring the frs/gt86 to the states than Europe or to the aussies.

  39. Post By Pez

    henry loves to catchpole in his arse

  40. Post By BlueHokage

    I make "big skids" in my underpants

  41. Post By alessiopt83

    I drove it… fantastic… but needs hp…

  42. Post By zarrow

    nope, you're dumb.

  43. Post By Oghren Kondrat

    wow you are dumb.

  44. Post By Anna Starseed

    The car is nice, the driver is goddamn adorable.

  45. Post By brutepunk25

    i think this car will be good in drifting (with more mods on the engine and aero of course).

  46. Post By Malikot911

    they have almost the same everything… but they dont handle the same…… look it up….

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