TST Podcast #308 – Matt Crooke of Fifteen52 Wheels

Matt Crooke was running a tuning company’s operations at age 16, and today is the lead designed of one of the most famous wheel companies around: Fifteen52 Wheels. You’ve seen his work spinning in piles of smoke , while attached to the Hoonicorn, or other Ken block creations. Today we sit down with the man behind those awesome styles.

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IG: https://www.instagram.com/mattcrooke

42 thoughts on “TST Podcast #308 – Matt Crooke of Fifteen52 Wheels

  1. Tommyfyeah!

  2. I've been looking for a set of snowflakes since I got my Gli 3 years ago. No luck

  3. I know someone in Spain who does actually rally one of those SLC
    Baller car

  4. saavaa says:

    Loved this podcast, you two should make one every month or something. Matt is super interesting to listen.

  5. Tim said he worked at the slot car track in ocean city, md in high school. I live in oc and went there when I was a kid, The track closed and there’s a bagel place or something there now. Did he go to Stephen Decatur high school?

  6. thee Mitchi says:

    2:15:55 it's actually in Germany :)

  7. slade420 says:

    tell matt to lease a jetta for $90 a month.

  8. Tom Clarke says:

    Is that a Metro? Not even close. It's a poojoe 206. Still no cigar, it's a Peugeot 306.

  9. N Hoff says:

    When Matt clowns on APRs Stage 3 Golf R! LoL!

  10. The moment I heard Gatebil I thought of the Volvo V70 rescue vehicle that has white Tarmacs

  11. MX304 says:

    Matt, is this the slammed on bags 280 you spoke of? https://youtu.be/EgL5OhYF0k4

  12. Ryan Niver says:

    The "while you're in there" is the most true comment ever during a build….

  13. Ron 25 - says:

    matt i love you but this is most boring podcast ever.

  14. People in America have forgotten a old saying……….A fool and his money are soon parted. Some people may look back when they are 75 and wonder where their money is.
    Even the banks consider any car a liability rather than an asset.

  15. Wyatt W says:

    dude your plugs are sooooooo long

  16. Leightspeed says:

    Just a quick FYI: The car in the background 'passing' Ken's rs200 was an LHS or Concorde (depending on model year) not a 300M.

  17. Sir Farah, Where do we ask questions next time?

  18. lowrthnu92 says:

    need to release these sooner after theyre recored so some of the observations/topics are more relevant

  19. Michel Thein says:

    great guest. i hope to see him back again soon.

  20. less throttle…lol

  21. DrFuNK says:

    Typo in description. It doesn't bother me tho, just thought I'd let you know.

  22. Capp says:

    Matts little wax pen

  23. JoMaHa says:

    Had stock 302 bottom end, bolted on TFS TW heads, Lunati 51025 (.535/.544, 224/232, 112LSA), and GT40 intake … made 324 rwhp and 350rwtq. Ran real hard.

    Bolted on S-trim @8psi made 464 rwhp (forget the tq), and ripped off 10.8's@124'ish on ET Streets all day long …

  24. Thats a 306 not a 206… just FYI

  25. Mike F says:

    Feels too much like JRE

  26. It's interesting to note that in the bicycle world… "if I had to have only one bike, it would be a gravel-bike".

  27. 402LS7 says:

    Thank you for answering my questions about Monoblock vs. Multi-Piece forged wheels!

  28. W. Bush says:

    I love the irony of a Crooke giving straight info & advice about wheels! Proper respect to both Matts (and Tim) – sharing your $0.52 has saved me way more than fifteen bucks. ;-)

  29. slaWterCH says:

    I agree with the guest, the 718 is fast but nothing special.

  30. Daniel Katz says:

    Make a 15×8 lightweight E30 track wheeeeeeeeel plz.

  31. 7inrain says:

    The image at 86:00 (Mercedes rally car) looks like the Rally Germany which typically went through vine-growing regions.

  32. Bobby Flay says:

    Do they talk about haggard?

  33. Awdalex - says:

    No jumper coolest podcast in the world

  34. LOL the APR digs

  35. If Matt Crooke loves those weird 90s touring cars can Fifteen52 please make replicas of the 1994 BTCC Paul Radisich Ford Mondeo wheels!? They are incredible, google it.

  36. STRGHTSXBNZ says:

    Matt, the one Gatebil event you want to visit is Gatebil Rudskogen in Norway. Been there, done it. Vibe's great, almost everyone speaks fluent English (even the youngsters) Camping is madness, hell even as spectacular as the track-side. Women on stages showing off body parts, big powerhouse drift cars, no grid limits (you can walk up to and talk with all the drivers when they have the time.). Do it. you won't regret.

    here's a video that perfectly portraits the stated above;

  37. Hoffa says:

    When are those 15" Snowflakes being re-released?!

  38. Alex Nelson says:

    Crooke is such a nice guy, so happy to see someone so imperative to the industry so genuine.

  39. DDMSteveB says:

    It was cool to hear you guys talk about the RC Cars. The Stratus was the king body to use in touring car racing. It then went to an Alfa Romeo body and now it is some non-licensed weird looking thing. I have worked in the hobby industry (RC Cars) for all but about three years of my life since I was 16. RC cars available now are insane compared to even what was around 10 years ago. Great podcast!

  40. MaX83_ZA says:

    Wonder if there will be something worthwhile replacing one takes? Watching podcast videos is kinda not why I come to youtube….

  41. Matt is full of himself sometimes …

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