TST Podcast #309 – “DOCTAM3”

Cody, or “DOCTAM3” as he’s known, is an automotive YouTuber who does something we should all do: bring’s his car on vacation with him. And what a vacation car has he: His current car is a Lamborghini Huracan Performante, and it lives in a garage with three other Bulls, so naturally, we talk about super cars, exotics, as well as Hummers and other oddities.

This episode is available in downloadable audio only format on iTunes, Google Play, wherever you get podcasts, or at the host site: http://shoutengine.com/TheSmokingTire/cody-doctam3-52590

IG: @doctam3

YT: www.youtube.com/doctam3

41 thoughts on “TST Podcast #309 – “DOCTAM3”

  1. DoctaM3 says:

    Matt, this was great to relive an awesome time while I was in LA.  Looking forward to stationing a car there for some more fun stuff.  Hurry up and finish up that warehouse project!

  2. superkjell says:

    The thing about comparing modern street cars, whether we're talking a McLaren or BMW M4, with old racing cars is:
    1. The modern cars aren't built for racing for 24 hours and would break
    2. Any racing car is built to conform to a set of rules in all sorts of areas.

  3. RazorFX says:

    Matt a car reviewer from my country did a launch control sequence in an audi s8 800hp from mtm. He fainted because the blood from his brain wen bye bye and he had serious dizziness… He almost crashed the damn car and it was on public roads. This is where I understand what you mean about the Tesla…

  4. Jacob Sleep says:

    I got the hookup on solar Matt

  5. When I started my Youtube channel years ago, Cody noticed how passionate I was and invited me up to one of their supercar get togethers in Pittsburgh. Proud to say we are still friends and one of the most laid back and educated guys in the scene.

  6. When I started my Youtube channel years ago, Cody noticed how passionate I was and invited me up to one of their supercar get togethers in Pittsburgh. Proud to say we are still friends and one of the most laid back and educated guys in the scene.

  7. The mustang with the body kit you talked about is a Zero to 60 Designs Mustang GTT.

  8. Ashish Patel says:

    But muh global warming bruh.

  9. Roy vR says:

    to answer your question matt about cars now vs racecars. I think the best marker is nurburgring laptimes since there's official laptimes of both classes. The record that the gt2 rs just set was 6.47 whereas stephan bellof's record back in 1985 in the 956 was 6.11. So for something like the gt2 rs or 720s would need to race in the 70s at best. I think 80s lemans cars are still to fast in the corners for road cars, even on slicks, can't compete.

  10. DivlMint says:

    The "Fake GTRs" are not Chinese knock offs, it was a Japanese university project for car shows. Base on the Suzuki Cappuccino, wasnt supposed to be a knock off really, just a mini version.

  11. Dat Joe Rogan intro

  12. Great talk with Cody! I live in Pittsburgh and love going out to cars and coffee, didn’t get to make it out much last year, but excited to get out for this coming season!

  13. What you puffin on Matt? Cali's Finest Diamond Clear 96%?

  14. The Tesla 3 reminds me of an old Renault Twingo/Espace where the speedo and controls are a conversation piece

  15. slaWterCH says:

    I'd say a portion of the Lambo owners are from the "new money" group or just rich kids. Having big bucks and then showing off with a flashy Lambo. Those are annoying.
    People actually working hard and then getting a supercar… I can see why those guys are still down to earth.

  16. Mikey says:

    So silly to be using a fake name when a quick google search shows what his real name is…. Makes him feel fake… Dude's a super successful genious in his field and he should be proud of it.

  17. My Man Flint says:

    Get your money dude!! Hate ads but I understand.

  18. BOSS says:

    "DoctaM3" what a stupid name :Dd

  19. SirJamesTND says:

    Zero to 60 Designs GTT MUSTANG

  20. JoMaHa says:

    The H1 drives like shit, but it's great at climbing over rocks in Afghanistan :) low front/rear overhang gives amazing approach/departure angles. Short wheel base gives good break angles, along with portal axles and in-board brakes gives amazing ground clearance. It's seriously a very very capable off-road vehicle, with it's only negative being the width and getting into tight spots. It still will climb over some seriously crazy stuff.

  21. Tedward says:

    Doc!!! My guy. And one of the most generous welcoming people I've met in the car community. He always keeps it real.

  22. The mystery mustang at 1h13m is a ZeroTo60 Mustang GTT

  23. Justin Hobbs says:

    Matt is sensitive to the homeless people who live in tunnels around LA… Your caring car guy

  24. Morgan Smith says:

    “First off, I don’t drive manual that well.”
    <click next>

  25. As a fellow YouTuber and podcaster (co-host of Rob Ferretti’s Podcast) I reviewed the Mclaren 720s over the summer. It was the fastest car I’ve ever driven and as you know, I have reviewed and owned some fast cars. I also reviewed the Challenger Hellcat Wide Body Press car on the track at Monticello, it was a beast. I don’t know if you have driven the Track Hawk yet, but I drove that on the Monticello track as well and that car hooked up a lot better due to being all wheel drive and not rear drive. Keep up the good work.

  26. I got tired of listening to music while I was at work so I was in search of something else, these podcasts get me through the workday like it's nothing! With them being almost two hours I can put it on, phone in my pocket and get going. I love it! Thank you for making these!

  27. Gary Sawyers says:

    I did some work on his M6 convertible at a BMW dealership in Pittsburgh. Then met him at performance shop I was working at in Columbus. What a nice guy and a true car enthusiast.

  28. Jekyll says:

    "Climate change is real… accept it" Says the guy with FOUR Lamborhinis SMH. Typical shitlib hypocrisy. Not only am I expected to blindly share his meme worldview and pay the taxes that it calls for; meanwhile if we accept man made climate change, these liberal jet setters contribute 10x more to the problem than the average listener.

  29. LazyRock says:

    TIL Matt gets turned off by square burgers

  30. oskar j says:

    Colder than Sweden my azz..

  31. BC BC says:

    This guy is always wearing a hat

  32. You need Ed Bolian on the TST podcast.. When you started talking about VIN Numbers of Lambos he's the first that came to mind!

  33. LazyRock says:

    Oh hell yeah! Kudos to Matt for inviting our boy Docta to the podcast! This is the second one I watch (first was with John Chase) looking forward to this 1h 45min

  34. MayorToastey says:

    4:30 to skip ads !

  35. Vikturus22 says:

    5 min of ads at the start. Wow

  36. FUCCCK, stop with all the ad bullish!t already!!!

  37. urboychon says:


  38. DoctaM3 was the first supercarowner i started to subscribe back in 2011/12 i guess. When he had his white BMW M6 and switched to the back then "epic" Aventador in yellow. Loved the first reaction videos though :)
    Back in the days where not every spoiled kid started doing "car channels" with their fake rental supercars or made up storys (lemonade stand billionaire?)

  39. Ty Ron says:

    The 1st Supercar vlogger I can remember is DoctaM3

  40. I thought Matt said he was gonna stop making one takes? Did I miss something?

  41. Robert Kilar says:

    I'm the dick who writes….. FIRST.

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